Thinking about this as my Adventurer’s Guild logo.


Basically, it’s a grappling hook being stuck into one of those heraldic symbols, with the other end being held with a (red) hand. Needs some work, but I think there’s enough bad heraldry and/or jokes to be worth pursuing. Again, thoughts?

PS: Buy TINSEL RAIN today! Review it tomorrow!


TINSEL RAIN: Now in print!

This morning, I got the notification that TINSEL RAIN is live, and in paperback. I’ve already ordered the copies for the Kickstarter rewards: I tentatively think that I can start processing pledges in the first week of July. If you didn’t back the Kickstarter, you can order the books at the Amazon link above.

I will not have the books for Galactic-Con tomorrow, but I should have copies with me for conventions going forward. Definitely, for Fright Reads. Heck, I’m hoping to have another chapbook by then, too.


The print edition of TINSEL RAIN is In Review!

Checked the proof, made the changes, sent it in, had the usual issue with the imprint, fixed that, sent it in again. Now it’s just a matter of waiting to see if there are any lingering issues. Hopefully, you’ll be able to buy the TINSEL RAIN paperback by Monday. Hopefully.

You can still get it now on Kindle, though.

Up to Page 114 on TINSEL RAIN print proofing.

I had forgotten a minor problem with print proofing: to wit, it’s sooooooo borrrrrrrrring. I wonder if anybody’s ever done a survey to see when authors just, you know… give up. It’s probably fine, the whispers say. How many errors can there be, really? And who even cares?

And never mind the host of Post-it notes I’ve already accumulated…

Moe Lane

PS: I figure it’ll still be done by the weekend.

Time to finish proofing TINSEL RAIN!

I got started proofing TINSEL RAIN during Balticon, but I couldn’t spend any time on it. My plan tomorrow and Friday is to spend time on it. And, once it’s done, I can finally hit publish on the paperback and we can start the next step. Huzzah!

Yeah, not exciting, I know. First of the month is always kind of slow for me. I’ve got the whole month to get stuff done, you see. Even though that’s a mirage.


Last day at Balticon.

Had a small mini-worry about COVID, but I tested negative. Which is nice: trying to figure out how to break down the site under the circumstances would have been a massive pain.

As to the convention: well, if I have a good day today I might make back the table fee. But not the table fee and the parking. The gas I’m not even gonna bring up. I think my future here for the next year or so is going to be the smaller venues, where the site fees will be lower (and I can hope to get more sales). Also, I’m definitely gonna need to write more books…

Speaking of: TINSEL RAIN! Buy it! Review it! Give a copy to a friend!


Moe Lane

PS: I should note that Balticon puts on a very good, very organized convention. I think they’ve done a great job. I’m just not getting the sales I wanted, which isn’t actually their fault.

TINSEL RAIN is now available for Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!

At long last. Paperback will likely get approved next week, after I go over proofs.

Tinsel Rain returns us to the post-apocalyptic world of Cin City, glittering tinsel crown of the Kingdom of New California. When an old not-quite-friend of Shamus Tom Vargas is found dead, Tom gets pulled into a case of murder, magic, and mystery! Sinister archmages! Bodies in alleys! An actual high-speed car ride! And as many bad jokes as the author could cram in! Truly, you deserve to read this book!