I’ve unpublished FROZEN DREAMS from Smashwords.

I gave it a year, but honestly it’s Amazon or nothing, folks. I’m not entirely thrilled about this, but I gotta be practical. FROZEN DREAMS is by far my best seller so far, and I was leaving money on the table by not having it on Kindle Unlimited.

Don’t forget: FROZEN DREAMS is also an audiobook!

And, gonna be honest: audiobooks are not a trivial thing to produce. The FROZEN DREAMS audiobook was easily the hardest part of the Kickstarter to fulfill. I dunno if I can make one for TINSEL RAIN (working title for the sequel) absent a really, really good result in the next Kickstarter…

This is all a lot easier when you have an actual publisher, alas.

Circling back to the FROZEN DREAMS audiobook!

It’s been a while since I brought it up, but: FROZEN DREAMS has an audiobook! I bring it up at least partially because pretty soon I will have to make the decision about whether or not to arrange for audiobook versions of either MORGAN BAROD or TINSEL RAIN. I’m not going to lie: getting these done requires a significant outlay of time (and a moderate one of money). If there isn’t an interest, that’s fine, but I should figure that out early.

If there is an interest, and you’d gotten your copy via the Kickstarter, you can still review it here or here. Or tell your friends to get their own copy! That’ll help, too.

BEHOLD! The Flying Koala digital race car.

For anybody visiting from tonight… TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION will be coming out by the end of the month (click here to preorder a signed copy). But in the meantime, check out my first novel, which is set in the same universe and called FROZEN DREAMS: it will be the best post-apocalyptic high urban fantasy pulp detective novel you will read today. Magic! Elf! Orc! Dwarf! Wisecracks! It has it all.

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Right. Anyway: as the above might indicate, I’m sponsoring a car in the Penny Arcade racing circuit! This Thursday, and the first three Thursdays in February. The race tonight starts at 11 PM Eastern Time, and will be on their Twitch channel here. Pictures of the race car after the fold. I think it looks pretty dang spiffy.

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Need to use up that Audible Credit? Try FROZEN DREAMS!

I’m still trying to decide whether TINSEL RAIN is going to get an audiobook. FROZEN DREAMS got one pretty much because of the Kickstarter, but it seemed to be a popular enough extra. And certainly when I have a larger catalog every little bit will help. So I haven’t decided yet.

Until then: Christmas is coming! I can’t sell merch because it’s too much a risk that it would have to be made with Chinese slave labor! I gotta work with what I got! REVISIONARIES will probably be popping up on my Author Page before too much longer, at least.