Up to 55% on the TINSEL RAIN audiobook fund!

It’s a somewhat subjective thing, given that I have to keep a running total in my head and allocating money from whatever ‘extra’ I have at the end of the month. For that matter, this is just for the getting the funds together to start the project, not the whole thing. Still, we progress*. We will progress further with every FROZEN DREAM audiobook sold, so if you know somebody who likes audiobooks, feel free to recommend me!

*For the record: I’ll be damned before I use AI for my audiobooks. Not just for ethical reasons, either. That’s a disaster just waiting to happen.


Three of my books are on sale in paperback!

At least for right now: FROZEN DREAMS is on sale for $8.51, TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION VOL 1 for $5.29, and MORGAN BAROD for $7.28. I’m not sure why those specific prices. Amazon sets them, not me. I still get paid the full amount I’m owed, so that’s cool, however they want to move books, they’re the subject matter expert and I am not.


Up to 53% on the TINSEL RAIN audiobook project!

Slowly but surely, we pull together the money needed to start the process to get an audiobook – a PROPER audiobook – for TINSEL RAIN. I’m not going down the AI route for this one. I respect my readers too much. Frankly, I respect myself too much.

As always, feel free to help with this by buying one of my books! Or try out the FROZEN DREAMS audiobook for yourself. It’s good! Other people have told me that. Some of them didn’t even have ulterior motives to do so.


TINSEL RAIN Audiobook Drive now at 47%!

Although that does come with a caveat: that’s 47% of the first half. The second half might have to involve draining my escrow account, tapping personal money, and even some outright fundraising. Still, having half available up front is enough to start the project. Also: there’s no way I’m going to borrow money to do this project, because I’m not insane.

Still, feel free to tell your friends to buy the audiobook for FROZEN DREAMS. All funds accumulated there go right into the TINSEL RAIN audiobook fund. Every separate bit helps!


FROZEN DREAMS the audiobook! FROZEN DREAMS the flamethrower!

Well, the first one, at least. Basically, I’m trying to figure out a way to get an audiobook of TINSEL RAIN going. Alas, this will cost money*. I’m hoping that if I can get more copies of the FROZEN DREAMS audiobook sold, I can start scraping that money together.

So, you know. Tell all your friends.

*There are reasons why it will cost money, it will have to happen in a certain way, and alternative scenarios are non-viable. This is, like, kinfolk stuff.


Books for the USO are away!

Background: we had a dude asking for books…

…and, since I should toss more into soldier-related charities anyway, I packed some of my novels* and sent them along. If you’re an independent author yourself, you should maybe think about doing this, too. Bread on the waters, and all that.

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