It really does make a big difference. For example: I’m not going to name names, but I was trying to get a certain service to highlight FROZEN DREAMS for me — and I’m pretty sure that they didn’t take my money at least in part because it didn’t quite have enough reviews on Amazon or Goodreads.

That’s fine, that’s life… and that’s life for every independent author out there. Don’t feel bad for me (although if you want to buy all my books, then review them, that would be awesome). Feel bad for the people who don’t have my support network. It really doesn’t take much to make those people’s days.


Now would be an absolutely *wonderful* time to review FROZEN DREAMS.

If you’ve read FROZEN DREAMS, and you’ve been putting off reviewing it, I could really use honest verified reader reviews. Either Amazon or Goodreads will do. Both would do better. If you haven’t read FROZEN DREAMS… well, I write books now. Perhaps one might suit you?

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$70 to go to $500/year!

I know that this seems like a weird sort of goal, but there’s a point to it. See, the goal for 2023 will be to break four figures a year from my writing; and while my Patreon will be invaluable in that regard (and conventions will help a lot), Amazon is where I need to be selling. So, buy my books! They make excellent Christmas gifts, I’m morally certain of it.

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Behold! The Based Black Friday/Cyber Monday Book Sale!

I’m in on this one with FROZEN DREAMS. 99 cents on Kindle! Tell all your friends! Heck, tell your enemies, too, assuming that they happen to take your book recommendations seriously.

And check out the rest of the book sale! Fan favorites and nonfiction!



This is going to be the best post-apocalyptic high urban fantasy pulp detective novel you will read today! Join Shamus Tom Vargas as he Clears a murder Case in Cin City, capital of the magical kingdom of New California. It’s his job; in fact, you might say it’s his calling.


It’s been a weird couple of days.

Youngest child vomiting, wife underwent a routine yet draining medical procedure (everything is fine), and my schedule went squirrelly (and since school starts for the kids next Monday, it’s not a great time). Also, somebody’s put up a post about FROZEN DREAMS, because I’ve been moving copies for the last two days. Whoever it is: thanks! It’s been a big help. Every book I sell is a chance to build my audience.

So, mixed bag all around. I think I need a nap.