Book of the Week: Dueling Six Demons.

I’m looking forward to Jim Geraghty’s Dueling Six Demons: A Dangerous Clique Novel. I would also like to note for the record that I did not pester Jim for an Advance Reader Copy, even though I could totally presume on our friendship to get one. Dude’s gotta get those hardcore first day sales numbers, because they’re critically important…


Pre-ordered: Dueling Six Demons: A Dangerous Clique Novel.

My buddy Jim Geraghty just announced that his next novel Dueling Six Demons: A Dangerous Clique Novel (The CIA’s Dangerous Clique Book 4) is coming out next month. Not to mention the fact that the title of this one may be more literal than expected.

Well. Expected by others. I personally sent Jim a copy of In Nomine. Just in case he needed any ideas – which he probably didn’t. Jim’s a good writer that way.

Anyway: pre-ordered.


In the E-Mail: GATHERING FIVE STORMS (Dangerous Clique, Book 3).

Jim Geraghty’s latest thriller GATHERING FIVE STORMS is out, which means that he’s finally officially passed me in the novel scoreboard (four to three). Enjoy it while it lasts, Jimmy! I get a novel out a year! That edge THE WEED AGENCY bought you ain’t gonna last forever!

I’ll probably read the book itself tonight. I pre-ordered it, but this morning’s gonna be busy. THAT’S INCLUDING SCHEDULED WRITING TIME, JIMBO! How’s your wordcount today, buddy*?

Moe Lane

*In case it isn’t already obvious: Jim’s an old friend and professional colleague. I heartily recommend reading his books.

Book of the Week: Gathering Five Storms: A Dangerous Clique Novel.

Jim Geraghty’s an old buddy of mine from the Before Times, and with Gathering Five Storms: A Dangerous Clique Novel coming out later this month he will draw ahead of me on the novel front, four to three. This, of course, simply will not do. Of course, I do have GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND coming up in spring of 2023…

In the mail: Hunting Four Horsemen.

I actually bought a physical copy of HUNTING FOUR HORSEMEN, because it’s Jim Geraghty and he’s a buddy. It’s a CIA black ops thriller in a post-coronavirus universe, with the added benefit of not being 750 pages. I loved Tom Clancy’s work, but he really needed more editors willing and able to tell him Cut it down another 20%.

On pre-order: Jim Geraghty’s HUNTING FOUR HORSEMEN.

Jim’s an old friend from the Time Before and he writes books, too! HUNTING FOUR HORSEMEN is his latest technothriller and while I’m sure he’d happily cough up an author’s copy, why should I deny him that heady pleasure of a sale? Anyway, it’s a sequel to BETWEEN TWO SCORPIONS, which I read, and found nifty. Feel free to check them out.

Book of the Week: Between Two Scorpions.

Just grabbed it now: Between Two Scorpions is from my old buddy Jim Geraghty from the Life*. If you haven’t figured out yet that it’s an espionage thriller… um, it’s an espionage thriller. I look forward to finishing it.

Moe Lane

*Since such things must be said, these days: Jim hasn’t sent me a copy of the book, or done anything to shill it to me. I’m putting this up because I want to.

Book of the Week: “Heavy Lifting.”

Truthfully, Heavy Lifting: Grow Up, Get a Job, Raise a Family, and Other Manly Advice (by Jim Geraghty and Cam Edwards) is also an In The Mail book, seeing as I got it this afternoon, but I cracked the book open at random and found it a good read, so it’s probably safe to sign off on this one. I’ll probably end up interviewing Jim about the book, at some point in the near future. So keep watching the skies…

And so, adieu to 1635: A Parcel of Rogues (The Ring of Fire)… which I still haven’t gotten around to getting, somehow. Why is that? …Oh, right, the Delta Green Kickstarter. Continue reading Book of the Week: “Heavy Lifting.”