In the E-Mail: GATHERING FIVE STORMS (Dangerous Clique, Book 3).

Jim Geraghty’s latest thriller GATHERING FIVE STORMS is out, which means that he’s finally officially passed me in the novel scoreboard (four to three). Enjoy it while it lasts, Jimmy! I get a novel out a year! That edge THE WEED AGENCY bought you ain’t gonna last forever!

I’ll probably read the book itself tonight. I pre-ordered it, but this morning’s gonna be busy. THAT’S INCLUDING SCHEDULED WRITING TIME, JIMBO! How’s your wordcount today, buddy*?

Moe Lane

*In case it isn’t already obvious: Jim’s an old friend and professional colleague. I heartily recommend reading his books.

Book of the Week: Gathering Five Storms: A Dangerous Clique Novel.

Jim Geraghty’s an old buddy of mine from the Before Times, and with Gathering Five Storms: A Dangerous Clique Novel coming out later this month he will draw ahead of me on the novel front, four to three. This, of course, simply will not do.¬†Of course, I do have GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND coming up in spring of 2023…