In the mail: Hunting Four Horsemen.

I actually bought a physical copy of HUNTING FOUR HORSEMEN, because it’s Jim Geraghty and he’s a buddy. It’s a CIA black ops thriller in a post-coronavirus universe, with the added benefit of not being 750 pages. I loved Tom Clancy’s work, but he really needed more editors willing and able to tell him Cut it down another 20%.

On pre-order: Jim Geraghty’s HUNTING FOUR HORSEMEN.

Jim’s an old friend from the Time Before and he writes books, too! HUNTING FOUR HORSEMEN is his latest technothriller and while I’m sure he’d happily cough up an author’s copy, why should I deny him that heady pleasure of a sale? Anyway, it’s a sequel to BETWEEN TWO SCORPIONS, which I read, and found nifty. Feel free to check them out.