Book of the Week: The Fifth Elephant.

Or, you know, any other Terry Pratchett novel. But The Fifth Elephant will do as something on which to hang your head. Unless, of course, you’ve never actually read the man. In that case I recommend that you start at… huh. That’s a tough one. I got started with Wyrd Sisters, and that’s as good a place as any?

Quote of the Day, How We All Were Saved From a Discworldian Abomination edition.

I’m not even mad at Hollywood. It’s like being mad at a dingo for being a dingo. This is what Hollywood is. Let’s all just be grateful that Terry Pratchett didn’t need the money enough.

Reportedly the author’s first — and possibly future-defining — brush with Hollywood studios came following talk of his fourth Discworld book, 1987’s Mort (which centered on his character Death) being picked up for adaptation. Allegedly, after research from focus groups, he was asked to “lose the Death angle.”

(That’s an old article, btw. Also, via Collider.)

Tweet of the Day, O Happy Day edition.

This sounds like marvelous news. Admittedly, the miniseries that the BBC is doing of The Watch sounds like it might start riots when it comes out, but that deal was made a few years before this one and GOOD OMENS was awesome. More of the latter, please.