Movie of the Week: BULLET TRAIN.

I tried to go see BULLET TRAIN in theaters. I had it all set up: I was gonna go hang out with my sister-in-law and her now-fiance, we’d grab a beer beforehand, maybe get some wings. It was totally going to be a thing. Instead, my car failed me for no particular reason and that was the first time it got towed this year. Oh, well. It’s on sale today.


Movie of the Week: John Carpenter’s THE THING.

I picked THE THING because Eldest Son needed some experience watching gory movies on the screen before deciding whether or not to catch a horror flick tomorrow. You can’t go wrong with the classics, right? — He found it very entertaining, too. Which means we’re probably going to go see SMILE, after all*.

Moe Lane

*Which I wasn’t gonna catch, but he wants to see it and I can’t just drop him off to go see an R-rated movie by himself. It’s apparently forbidden until he’s 18, or some other nonsense. I mean, have the ratings boards seen the video games kids play today?


Movie of the Week: Lincoln.

I am embarrassed that I haven’t watched Lincoln before. I mean, this cast. My God, this cast. Possibly my favorite part? None of these people are deifying Abraham Lincoln. They yell at him, oppose them, Secretary Edwin Stanton even yells “No! Not another one of your stories!” This is now one of my favorite Spielberg movies.

Movie of the Friday Night: SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO (Live-action).

And the movie is not wasting too much time on explaining characters, backstory, or other fripperies. SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO takes the position that if you are watching this movie, you know precisely who all of these people are, what they mean to each other, and what the Hell was going on. And they are, in point of fact, correct. It took me no more than three minutes to get back in the zone.

I can’t watch it all in one go tonight, because I got stuff to do. But I’m already one-third done and I just turned it on to make sure everything was working properly.

TV Show of the Week: Star Trek: The Animated Series.

I’m mostly trying to talk myself out of buying Star Trek: The Animated Series because I know I won’t actually watch it unless it’s on a streaming service. The problem there is that I’m also talking myself out of getting Paramount+ because I have far too many streaming services already. It’s a bit of a problem all around.

Still: the price is nice, right? To the wish list it goes!


I enjoyed GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE: I have pre-ordered it; and I think that there’s a decent sequel for it in there, too. I do understand why the critics weren’t highly thrilled about it, mind you. It’s a recreation of the original movie, coupled with the cinematic equivalent of literally everybody involved in the project breaking down after the fifth shot of whiskey and sobbing about why did you have to die, Harold? It’s not fair! It was too soon!

…I can see why that might grate on some critics, and I’m not judging them for having that reaction. They get to like what they like. But then, so do I.