Movie of the Week: THE A-TEAM.

I understand that some people do not like THE A-TEAM remake, and I accept that. It’s not my business, really. Realize, however, that this scene almost had me rolling on the floor of the movie theater. That has to count for something.


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  1. One day I hope to respond with as much accuracy and sarcasm as when the woman says “they’re trying to fly the tank.” That scene would make a lesser movie great. It is only the 3rd or 4th best scene in the movie because the cast was having too much fun for things like “plot” or “how laws work” to matter.

    1. I was briefly about to get upset in the very start of the movie because I thought Hannibal was about to do something that I could not see Hannibal doing – and then instead he did something that Hannibal would absolutely do and why did people not understand what they were getting from this movie ahead of time?

  2. I love the movie as long as I can overlook one major problem, they made the movie about Faceman having the solution instead of Hannibal. They tried to make it about his growth but instead had to take away from Hannibal in order to do it.

    But then again, Murdoch hit all the right notes. Sharlto Copley hit it exactly! (Trying to hot wire an ambulance with a defibrilator!) When they broke him out of the VA, that was when I started laughing and could not stop. That was Classic A-Team. And I enjoyed Bradley Cooper as Face. So on the whole, I enjoy watching it with their antics. But I can also understand why people who are purists about the TV Series would have had issues……

    1. That’s fair. It’s just that this adaptation could have been so much worse, and we know the ways it could have been so much worse. Them getting it this right is an accomplishment.

      1. Isn’t that the truth! I was very afraid of what they were going to come out with and the run up to it was not encouraging. Especially as they couldn’t really get the original cast members to sign on for walk-ins. But for those exceptions above, I enjoyed it a lot and actually pull it out to watch whenever I need brain candy every so often.

  3. I was entertained. Much more than I expected to be.

    I accept the above noted aspects that limited the movie, and yet… What more could I really ask for?

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