Tweet of the Day, Wait, Is This A Trick Question? edition.

Because this may be one of the few things that I’ve ever unreservedly agreed with Bill Ryan on. You don’t need to justify loving MASTER AND COMMANDER. It is the business. I am forcing myself not to go watch it right now.

Via @bendreyfuss.


PS: Crap, it’s on HBO Max.

Tweet of the Day, YEE… [Please, God, Don’t Let Them Screw This Up] ….EESSSS edition.

I’ve never quite forgiven the American movie-going public for not paying for a MASTER AND COMMANDER series, but I’ll take what I can get.

Movie of the Week: Master & Commander.

If you haven’t seen Master & Commander, don’t – unless you feel like swearing at a studio system that can make a movie like this, then never make a sequel to it. To be fair, though: it didn’t make enough money for a sequel. I’d love to know why, honestly. There’s some weird sociological reason for it, I’m sure. I shall try to avoid being bitter about the whole thing.