The OPPENHEIMER Honest Trailer.

It’s not bad, although I think Honest Trailers probably should have skipped the joke about the lack of Japanese/Native American viewpoints. Either would have frankly been irrelevant to the main thrust of OPPENHEIMER: worse, they would have felt irrelevant to the movie. If a director doesn’t want to put something into a film, sometimes it’s pragmatically good to just, well, accept that. Art is what it is, not what you want it to be.

Well, unless you’re the artist yourself. And sometimes, not even then.


My mini-review of BARBIHEIMER.

Short version: two good flicks that are going to do monster business, and you should probably avoid dismissing BARBIE’s cultural impact out of hand, or mischaracterizing it. That movie is ultimately for moms. Also: OPPENHEIMER did the right thing, but he shouldn’t have trusted any of those damn Commies.

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Buy your tickets for BARBIHEIMER now!

Both of the two movies are projected to do well (although BARBIE’s going to be the box-office winner of the two). So if you were planning to be the 200,002 person* to see the films back-to-back, grab your tickets today. From what I can see, the theaters are filling up already for Saturday showings.

Moe Lane

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BARBIHEIMER is a go for Saturday.

No, sorry, my mind is made up. More to the point, the arrangements have been made. I will be dropped off and picked up on Saturday so that I can go watch BARBIE and OPPENHEIMER (actual order will be dependent on available seats that day). Why will I be dropped off and picked up, I hear you ask?

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