Honest trailers, thankfully, did not let their enjoyment of BLACK PANTHER: WAKANDA FOREVER (and it was a good superhero flick) get in the way of calling out the various inconsistencies, flaws, and nigh-incessant (if often subtle) pimping of the next phase of the MCU. Which is nice. I was mildly worried that they’d feel bad about bringing any of that up.


Moe Lane

PS: I stand by my earlier review: this is one of the saddest (as in sorrow and grief) superhero movies you will ever see.

The BLACK ADAM Honest Trailer.

Honest Trailers didn’t much care for BLACK ADAM, but then: they’re hardly alone, there. I don’t know, folks. I liked the movie. I don’t ask for much out of superhero flicks, but I do ask for something. Besides, it doesn’t matter anyway. If the new Shazam flick does well, he’ll show up for the third movie. That’s pretty much what I was expecting to get out of a Black Adam flick anyway: a cool anti-hero/villain for SHAZAM! 3.

The RINGS OF POWER Honest Trailer.

There are significant spoilers in this fairly brutal Honest Trailer, which is why I’m linking, not embedding. On the other hand, none of you will care because you’ve either already finished RINGS OF POWER, or else (and more likely) you’d rather eat nothing but cram for a month before watching the show. On the gripping hand? I am weirdly more interested in finishing the series now. At least the scenery’s pretty.


This one is more meta-interesting than their usual Honest Trailers, probably because SHE-HULK: ATTORNEY AT LAW is itself very, very meta. I think they took a fair look at it, too. I’m not sure what I think about the show, myself. I haven’t stopped watching it, but I’m taking my time between episodes. Which may be damning with faint observation…