The UNCHARTED Honest Trailer.

Not gonna lie: I’ve waited on UNCHARTED until I saw what Honest Trailers had to say about it. It’s not so much that I agree with their takes as it is that their takes are consistent, which lets me apply a correction factor when using them as a benchmark. And I regret to say that… yeah, I’m probably not watching UNCHARTED anyway.

I know y’all are just ripped up about that. Inside, I mean. Tremble for the Republic! Tremble for Humankind!


The SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME Honest Trailer.

I wanna push back a little on Honest Trailers: the studio did its level best to muddy the waters on the Big Reveal of SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME. They did better than I thought they would on that front, too. Also note: there’s some big spoilers in this video. I assume everybody’s already seen it (it’s a fun flick), but You Have Been Warned.