The ‘Nod to the Modders’ official FALLOUT trailer.

I’m sorry, but the ‘all the trees are dead’ aspect of the Fallout aesthetic never worked for me. I know, I know, there are so many other unrealistic things about the game, but at least those are gloriously unrealistic. That one is just unpleasant, which is why I mod in proper seasons every time I play.

…Oh, the show? Actually, it looks pretty good! I may end up having to reinstall* Fallout 4, once the modders take enough inspiration from the show to come up with some new stuff. Or once I’m just ready to play again.

Moe Lane

*You don’t really finish Bethesda’s RPGs. You just sort of… take a year off from them, from time to time.


FALLOUT Amazon TV series drops 04/12/2024.

The open question is, will it bomb? In theory, a FALLOUT show should be the easiest damned thing in the world to produce. You spend most of your budget on flashy-looking crap, and use old sets that have been weathering in the California semi-arid wastes for decades for the rest. The plots are all Mad Social Science and unsubtle parodies of social commentary; stir in a little mild body horror and dark humor, and just go from there. This is not hard.

And yet, all sensible people are worried about this show.

Hey, guess what! Fallout’s getting a horrible TV show!

Sorry, guys. I believe that you believe. Alas, the tide of history is against you.

Ironically, I could believe the Fallout show would be good if Jonathan Nolan had a budget of eight hundred bucks and was counting on getting all his shooting done before somebody drove up to see who was kicking up all that dust at the abandoned factory. Those shoestring productions work. But when you give ’em a budget, well…

Moe Lane

PS: Dammit, now I want to reinstall Fallout 4.