FALLOUT Amazon TV series drops 04/12/2024.

The open question is, will it bomb? In theory, a FALLOUT show should be the easiest damned thing in the world to produce. You spend most of your budget on flashy-looking crap, and use old sets that have been weathering in the California semi-arid wastes for decades for the rest. The plots are all Mad Social Science and unsubtle parodies of social commentary; stir in a little mild body horror and dark humor, and just go from there. This is not hard.

And yet, all sensible people are worried about this show.

11 thoughts on “FALLOUT Amazon TV series drops 04/12/2024.”

  1. In practice, The Witcher should have been the easiest thing in the world to produce. It’s visual to begin with, the dialogue is already written, all you had to do is edit out the grind and less interesting side missions.
    How’d that work out for us?

    1. The only one on The Witcher that actually care about it is Henry Cavill, who love the books and games. The show runners, directors and writers all hated the source material.

      I mean just look at the recent Netflix adaptation of One Piece, a property that on surface should be impossible, but they stick to the source manga and actually came out good.

  2. If they do the Jack Ryan or Reacher route, it could be good.
    (Caveat: Those were produced by people with prior experience and who went to bat for the original creators.)

    On the other hand, 90 percent of Prime’s high budget productions have been skinsuits pretending to be properties. Wheel of Time, Lord of the Things. (I will not give it the Tolkien Name)

    I bet it is the second category which is more numerous, but if it were the former I would watch.

    1. See my previous comment on One Piece. OP has the benefit of having the manga writer having creativity clause in the contract that he had the final veto of anything on the show. They have to go with his vision or no show.

  3. I don’t think it’s a question of whether it will bomb, but how it bombs. Yet…it is based on Fallout.
    Amazon turned The Lord of the Rings into something that properly belongs in a septic tank. They’ve done that to more than one show, actually.
    Video game adaptation. Another strike.
    Dangit. I will give it one chance. ONE CHANCE to impress me.

    1. The good news is… the expectations will be somewhat lower.. and a lower budget won’t really hurt the property.

      Easier for someone who loves the property to get involved… and it’s not a hard property to have fun with.


      p.s. of course, since too many people are angry over wrongfans having wrongfun …

  4. Gonna take the same approach to this one that I took to Ashoka …

    Let a few episodes drop.. see how the shouting goes.. watch for myself…

    Hopefully the results will be better.


    1. “Refuse to give money to devil-mouse” isn’t a useful response to this property dropping.
      But I’ll do it anyway.

      OK, I’m going to wait for Critical Drinker to review it, and decide if it’s worth my time based on that.

        1. Were I single, that would be the case.

          But considering the number of packages that show up at my door…

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