Apparently today is Intellectual Property Rights Day here at…

…because this apparently just went down.

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Tomorrow is Prime Day. :drily: Woo-hoo.

Far be it from me to stop people from clicking this Amazon link and giving me some of that sweet, sweet affiliate cash, but: I’ve never been really wowed with the stuff Amazon offers for Prime Day. It’s not awful, but it’s not really spectacular, either. It feels like something an algorithm came up with – and not even corporate is all that impressed with the results.

I guess I just don’t know why they bother.

The NIGHT SKY Amazon series trailer.

This doesn’t actually look too bad. NIGHT SKY‘s giving me a little bit of the old late Seventies / early Eighties paranoid government conspiracy vibe; which is a positive thing, in this context. I watched a whole lot of those flicks, back when I was using DAMNATION DECADE to inform what movies to watch. Solid cast, too. Always nice to see an older actress get a good role.


There’s *money* in Kindle Vella, folks.

At least for the next few months, if I’m reading the FAQ correctly. For right now creators are being compensated for people using their free tokens to read Kindle Vella stories (like, say, THE STARS ARE WRONG); and the payout is… rather higher than I was expecting. Enough that I’m going through my Patreon short stories to find ones that I haven’t otherwise made available for free, or put in a chapbook.

If you’re an author and have any kind of audience, I suggest you consider doing the same. At least until July 2022.

Want to help out the content creators in your life?

Welp, those of us who are Amazon associates (hi!) always appreciate it when you use one of our links to go buy stuff. It helps. It really does — and since I use that revenue to pay for publishing services, it helps you, too.

Also: you know what makes for a great Christmas gift? My books! (I almost wrote ‘me,’ but I didn’t want to make it weird.)

Tweet Thread of the Day, Let My Keyword Travails Serve As A Cautionary Tale edition.

So, I totally messed up my Amazon book keywords. Which meant I had to go fix them. Fix them all, for each edition. Because when you screw keywords up from the start, you don’t get to have an easy solution.

Don’t let this happen to you!

So. Amazon has rights to The Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales.

[UPADTE: Patreon!]

That is indeed news. I suspect that many will not see this as good news, but I guess we’ll have to wait until the first episodes become available for review. Reportedly, the nudity that had been reported earlier will not be titillating, but instead be “very dark thematic material suggestive of concentration camp-type visuals of victims, a harrowing portrayal of the corruption of the Elves by dark powers to ultimately become Orcs.” So if you were dreading hot nekkid Noldor-on-Sindar action, that at least might not be actually happening.

Or it might be nothing but elf-orgies* all season. It’s kind of up to Amazon at this point.

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