I hit a nice, divisible-by-ten milestone in Amazon sales today!

I have sold 850 books on Amazon since I have started this entire self-published fiction thing! That number includes books and e-books, but doesn’t include thing like “Pickman’s Model” and the Kindle Vella short stories*. 243 books per year (I started about halfway through 2020) sold through Amazon… isn’t too bad, honestly. I want to thank who has ever taken a chance on my stuff. It’s greatly appreciated.

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So you’ve gotten yourself an Amazon gift card (Spoiler: click through and use the links).

Not gonna lie: it’d be awesome if you clicked through, and got one of my books. But just generally clicking through would be awesome, too. Or, if not me, then for an Amazon Affiliate you’re more fond of. Every little bit helps, hey?


FALLOUT Amazon TV series drops 04/12/2024.

The open question is, will it bomb? In theory, a FALLOUT show should be the easiest damned thing in the world to produce. You spend most of your budget on flashy-looking crap, and use old sets that have been weathering in the California semi-arid wastes for decades for the rest. The plots are all Mad Social Science and unsubtle parodies of social commentary; stir in a little mild body horror and dark humor, and just go from there. This is not hard.

And yet, all sensible people are worried about this show.

Now is the time to read *and review* GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND!

The print version of GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND is off for review, and hopefully it’ll be approved in the next couple of days. Equally hopefully, I’ll have copies for Doxacon. In the meantime: once you’re done with the book, don’t forget to review it on Amazon and Goodreads! Reviews (and ratings) are the lifeblood of modern authors. The more there are, the more interest is taken in the book. The more interest is taken, the better the sale numbers — which is how you get authors to get more books published. ‘Tis the Circle of Print, although hopefully with fewer dead zebra.

Moe Lane

Why you should follow authors on Amazon (particularly me).

See, today was the day that I realized that Amazon can notify you of new books out by your favorite authors, if you follow them. So since I’m likely one of your favorite authors, go ahead and hit that follow button at the link! Then get all your friends to do the same thing.

Oh, yeah: also do it for your favorite authors who aren’t me. They would absolutely want me to tell you to do that. It ain’t too easy out here for an author.

Reminder: Amazon is raising printing costs on 06/20/2023.

The costs affect paperback and hardcover books, not Kindle or Kindle Unlimited. Independent authors (like myself) had to make a choice between eating the cost in royalties, or raising our prices. I went with eating the costs, but only because I could afford to take the hit. The next time, I probably won’t be able to, so I’ll have to raise prices across the board.

I’m not mad about this — or, at least I’m not mad at Amazon. They probably should have raised printing costs earlier. I’m just pointing this out so that people don’t freak out when the books of their favorite indy authors suddenly get a bit more expensive. And to suggest that you get your paperback purchases in early



Now you know inflation is bad: it’s slopping onto Amazon, which can normally absorb stuff like that. The book cost increase is gonna happen a month from now, and I won’t lie: the per-book hit isn’t horrible. It’ll still be kind of painful in the aggregate, though, so if you were planning to buy my books — or someone else’s self-published books — now is the time to do that.

Going to advertise the Tom Vargas books again.

FROZEN DREAMS, TINSEL RAIN, and TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION (Tom Vargas novella in that one), to be specific. Tom Vargas is my post-apocalyptic, fantasy pulp detective. He’s a lot of fun to write, and I have the next book of his (BANSHEE BEACH) on deck after I finish the new novel.

Anyway… three books, eleven bucks: it’s a damned good deal, frankly. Particularly in these uncertain financial times. People should buy them.


TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION* is my collection of short stories set in the post-apocalyptic world of Tom Vargas and Morgan Barod. It’s an excellent way to be introduced to the series, and starting Saturday it’ll be on sale for 99 cents! The sale is week-long, so tell all your friends. Or, you know, anyone you know who might buy the book. I don’t know how you could encourage your enemies to buy my books out of spite, but it all spends the same.

Moe Lane

*Volume I.


TINSEL RAIN goes on 99 Cent Kindle Sale next week!

So buy TINSEL RAIN today!

323% funded on Kickstarter!

Tinsel Rain returns us to the post-apocalyptic world of Cin City, glittering tinsel crown of the Kingdom of New California. When an old not-quite-friend of Shamus Tom Vargas is found dead, Tom gets pulled into a case of murder, magic, and mystery! Sinister archmages! Bodies in alleys! An actual high-speed car ride! And as many bad jokes as the author could cram in! Truly, you deserve to read this book!

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