TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION* is my collection of short stories set in the post-apocalyptic world of Tom Vargas and Morgan Barod. It’s an excellent way to be introduced to the series, and starting Saturday it’ll be on sale for 99 cents! The sale is week-long, so tell all your friends. Or, you know, anyone you know who might buy the book. I don’t know how you could encourage your enemies to buy my books out of spite, but it all spends the same.

Moe Lane

*Volume I.


TINSEL RAIN goes on 99 Cent Kindle Sale next week!

So buy TINSEL RAIN today!

323% funded on Kickstarter!

Tinsel Rain returns us to the post-apocalyptic world of Cin City, glittering tinsel crown of the Kingdom of New California. When an old not-quite-friend of Shamus Tom Vargas is found dead, Tom gets pulled into a case of murder, magic, and mystery! Sinister archmages! Bodies in alleys! An actual high-speed car ride! And as many bad jokes as the author could cram in! Truly, you deserve to read this book!

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Sixty dollars to go to $500/year!

The first day of the TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION 99 cent Christmas sale went well. Well enough to adjust the thermostat:

Not gonna lie: sixty more bucks in ten days is gonna be a heavy lift. But who knows? People might get Amazon gift cards for Christmas*. Every little bit helps.

*Me, I want book reviews. Get them for all the authors in your life!


Spending the afternoon learning about Amazon ads.

Amazon has this entire set of courses, and everything. I possibly should have done it before actually trying to buy ads on Amazon earlier, because I’ve already realized one thing that I did wrong. Fortunately, it was the kind of mistake that, when you make it, you don’t actually spend any money…

Moe Lane

PS: My books make excellent Christmas presents!


Apparently today is Intellectual Property Rights Day here at…

…because this apparently just went down.

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Tomorrow is Prime Day. :drily: Woo-hoo.

Far be it from me to stop people from clicking this Amazon link and giving me some of that sweet, sweet affiliate cash, but: I’ve never been really wowed with the stuff Amazon offers for Prime Day. It’s not awful, but it’s not really spectacular, either. It feels like something an algorithm came up with – and not even corporate is all that impressed with the results.

I guess I just don’t know why they bother.

The NIGHT SKY Amazon series trailer.

This doesn’t actually look too bad. NIGHT SKY‘s giving me a little bit of the old late Seventies / early Eighties paranoid government conspiracy vibe; which is a positive thing, in this context. I watched a whole lot of those flicks, back when I was using DAMNATION DECADE to inform what movies to watch. Solid cast, too. Always nice to see an older actress get a good role.