I hit a nice, divisible-by-ten milestone in Amazon sales today!

I have sold 850 books on Amazon since I have started this entire self-published fiction thing! That number includes books and e-books, but doesn’t include thing like “Pickman’s Model” and the Kindle Vella short stories*. 243 books per year (I started about halfway through 2020) sold through Amazon… isn’t too bad, honestly. I want to thank who has ever taken a chance on my stuff. It’s greatly appreciated.

Of course, if I sell 150 more books between now and tomorrow night I’ll have hit a full thousand, so go use those gift cards!

Moe Lane

*It also doesn’t include Kickstarter rewards or in-person sales, which doubles the totals, or just about. That puts the number closer to 450/year, but that total is a lot less reliable.