Move CYBERPUNK 2077 to your SSDs.

If you don’t have a SSD… well. That day is finally here, apparently:

The day of the HDD is ending, at least for gaming. I’d call it bloat, but it’s the way of the world. You can only spin things so fast. The good news is, the You Have Got To Be Kidding Me price point is somewhere around 4 TB these days: 2 TB drives are fairly reasonable. Now’s your time to upgrade!


So the major problem in STARFIELD is the way outposts work.

Which is to say: they don’t work that well, really. The interface has too much lag in placement, there’s no intuitive interfaces, and — as far as I can tell — shifting resources between star systems simply does not work. I’m just keeping about 1500 units of construction materials in my ship at this point and running out to the closest store when I need something in particular.

This doesn’t make STARFIELD bad. I enjoy it. The exploration aspects are a lot of fun. But they’re going to have to drastically overhaul how outposts work. Sometimes I think Bethesda leans a little too much on the modding community…

This point on Unity-based digital piracy is spot-on.

Under this model Unity is touting, illegal downloads of games using Unity will cause their developers to lose money directly and you would be stealing from them and you can no longer say to anyone in this world or the next that you had never been told.

So this Unity thing is frothing people out.

Real short version: Unity is a game engine that was (up to a few days ago) used extensively by independent gaming companies because it was effectively royalty free at their level. That has now changed: starting in July, once games using Unity hit a certain threshold of revenue and installation, those companies will start getting charged a twenty cent per-installation fee*. The company’s also planning to look at lifetime revenue/installations, which means that if your game dates from, say, 2019 you’ve just been told that you’re eligible for fees going forward**.

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I’m at the ‘Restart Starfield’ stage.

I often do this with video games. Basically, what happens is that I muck around with it until I figure out what the basic gameplay is like, then restart it once I’ve made too many bad decisions. I know have a much better idea of how to do outpost management in Starfield, and it’s time I put that all into practice. Also, I apparently need the trait where I have parents, because Wanted is kind of lame.


The “I will believe it when I see more of it” VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE – BLOODLINES 2 trailer.

Supposedly VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE – BLOODLINES 2 is back, and will premiere in 2024. Anybody believe that? Anybody think that having an entirely new studio take over isn’t a bad sign? In other words: anybody else feeling cynical, on this fine Saturday night?

…Well, what the heck. I already paid for it. Clearly I was allowing myself a certain amount of hope anyway.