The ROBOCOP: ROGUE CITY Gameplay Trailer.

I am… uncertain. The devil of it is, I can’t tell if the stiffness in the trailer is from bad/unpolished coding, or from a legitimate attempt to recreate Murphy’s movements from the movies. I mean, that makes a difference, right?

Via ComingSoon.

Golems coming to CONAN EXILES.

There are two things that Conan Exiles lacks: quarter foundations and walls that will give me the precision I need to build the dollhouse of my dreams, and automated resource gathering. They are addressing the second point in the new update.

It’s odd what people find relaxing, isn’t it?

Details out on Season 3 of Conan Exiles.

I should get a server for Conan Exiles. Basically, I just want to build little towns in the Exiled Lands and have people wander through having adventures and/or do PvP in them. It’s an excellent game for fiddling around with electronic dollhouses, honestly.

The “I hope Bethesda’s Getting Its Cut” EXEKILLER Gameplay trailer.

I mean, EXEKILLER looks really interesting. The problem is, it also looks like an extremely ambitious Fallout: New Vegas mod that has escaped its containment facility and is now loose upon the countryside. I’m not saying I won’t play it, but hopefully Paradark Studios will fess up at some point.


Tried out FROSTPUNK today.

Am currently uncertain whether to keep playing FROSTPUNK, or uninstall it. It’s one of those constantly-ticking survival builder games, and I don’t know if I need that kind of anxiousness in my life. I have book deadlines and daily sales reports for that.

It’s very good for what it is, though. Then again, so was STELLARIS – and I’ve never found a game I’ve played more, with so little enjoyment. Hrm. Maybe that’s a hint.


Tweet of the Day, I Take It This Goldeneye Nintendo Switch News Is Good? edition.

I never had a Nintendo 64, you see. My parents got me a Commodore 64 for school instead of a game system for fun, and the first dedicated game system I ever really played on was the Sega one of my college roommates had. But I gather from Joe Cunningham that this is a pretty big deal?

Mass Effect N7 Hoodies are back in stock!

…He carefully said, after buying one, and confirming the sale. I know that people have issues with Bioware. So do I. The company was dead to me; and as soon as I get my new hoodie, it will be dead to me again.

Counterpoint: my current N7 hoodie has been worn down to the point where tailors and dry cleaners give me pitying looks when I try to get it repaired. I wear it anyway. Those of us with the hoodie will stop each other in the street, just to make conversation. This hoodie has gotten me sales at conventions. So it’s a blessed miracle how Bioware resurrected itself just long enough to sell me a replacement hoodie, isn’t it?