GREEDFALL II coming out in 2024.

Nice: “Publisher Nacon and developer Spiders have announced GreedFall II: The Dying World for consoles and PC (Steam). Specific consoles were not announced. It will launch in 2024.” It’ll be a prequel to the first game, which makes sense because the first game got everything resolved in a pretty comprehensive fashion.

I’ve played the first Greedfall, and I liked it: it’s an alchemical-swashbuckling RPG with an interesting take on the Age of Exploration. Interesting combat, and you couldn’t just button-mash your way out of problems, but also not impossible to play unless you were seventeen and hopped up on energy drinks. Interesting factions, and a general lack of These are the white hats (including the natives); I look forward to playing the sequel, when it comes out.

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Sony to require timed game trials for new Playstation+ games.

This is good news, right? It feels like good news.

Sony has begun communicating with developers about its plans for timed game trials for PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers. According to sources speaking to Game Developer, developers working on games that have a wholesale cost of $34 or higher (€33 in Europe, ¥4000 in Japan) are now required to create time-limited game trials of their games. (Update: This number was previously referred to as the retail pricing, it has been updated to reflect that it refers to wholesale pricing.)

These trial versions must be at least two hours long. 

At least, for game players. Game companies might have a different opinion. And there’s something about this that I’m missing…

So, Ubisoft’s in trouble.

It’s not just that somebody’s trying to buy Ubisoft

The publisher behind Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, and Just Dance could be the next major acquisition in the world of video games. Reports by Bloomberg and Kotaku have suggested that there are several private equity firms circling the company.

…it’s why somebody’s trying to buy Ubisoft.

Those who’ve followed Ubisoft for more than a few years will remember that the company famously staved off a hostile takeover from Vivendi back in 2018. Since then, the 35-year-old publisher has suffered from a wave of departures from senior staff and the already mentioned production troubles with some of its biggest upcoming titles.

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The MYTHFORCE gameplay trailer.

First off, I feel that they made a mistake in the title. It should be MYTHFORCE! The exclamation point is key.

Second, the nostalgia pandering may be a little too blatant.

MYTHFORCE will be available only on Epic to start, and they’re doing it in ‘Episodes.’ Which kind of says, ‘Unfinished game!’ to me. I’m not saying I’m going to avoid playing this, but you may want to wait until they polish up the game a bit. Seems… prudent, no?

Still, points for having an archer. Elf was always my favorite Gauntlet character.


GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO is coming to the PS5 and PC on March 25, which means that at least we won’t have to listen to many complaints on the console side (PS5s are still insanely expensive*). Still debating on whether to get it. It’s supposedly a pure shooter, and I don’t do well with those. But it looks really pretty, though.

…For given values of ‘pretty.’

Moe Lane


*So expensive I won’t even link to them. If you have $1,200 for a gaming console, you have $1,200 for a real computer.

Anybody playing Elden Ring?

I normally would say that Elden Ring ‘looks fun,’ except that as I understand it there’s no quest log. A videogame without a quest log is by personal definition pretty much not-fun. In fact, it sounds like something that I’d be forced to play in Hell. But people keep raving about the game. Is it still worth it, even if I have to write everything down*?

Moe Lane

*I do not begrudge the developers their right to create a game that fits their vision of play. But if it doesn’t fit mine then I don’t have to play it, right?


So, Airborne Kingdom is pretty good.

Airborne Kingdom is a resource gathering/exploration game with no combat, so Steam actually said You sure about this? It’s not like any of the games you usually buy. So I was all, Shut up, Steam! You’re not my mom! and bought it anyway. It reminds me of Stellaris, except that I could put it down after three hours and I don’t hate it*.

If you like building giant airships and cruising around the landscape peacefully unifying kingdoms using your awesome airship, then have at it.

Moe Lane

*I loathed Stellaris, and I couldn’t stop playing it. It was horrible. And I don’t mean, I played it a lot. I mean, I was playing it for sixteen hours a day. As I said, it was horrible.