Three more days on The Secret World TTRPG Kickstarter!

It’s done very well – most TTRPG Kickstarters do, which is something I’m thinking about – and there’s three days to go. I’m rooting for it not least because I really want FunCom to throw more resources at the MMO, which remains one of my major social activities. I have a raid scheduled for later, in fact.

Hey, guess what! Fallout’s getting a horrible TV show!

Sorry, guys. I believe that you believe. Alas, the tide of history is against you.

Ironically, I could believe the Fallout show would be good if Jonathan Nolan had a budget of eight hundred bucks and was counting on getting all his shooting done before somebody drove up to see who was kicking up all that dust at the abandoned factory. Those shoestring productions work. But when you give ’em a budget, well…

Moe Lane

PS: Dammit, now I want to reinstall Fallout 4.



…Oh, I’m sorry. Did I shout that out? My bad. Anyway, the SECRET WORLD RPG Kickstarter is actually at $101K, which is hardly shabby for a $40K project. I look forward to the next stretch goal, although not nearly as much I look forward TO GETTING THE TOKYO DUNGEONS AND THE FUSANG PvP BOARD BACK, FUNCOM…

Sorry! Sorry!

THE SECRET WORLD TTRPG Kickstarter is scheduled for October.

I expect to be backing this. I am mildly surprised that Anvil Studios is using 5e for THE SECRET WORLD; but I am also reassured. 5e is what most people play: it’s not my own favorite system, but it’s a decent one and the more people who play TSW on paper, the more people who will go check out the Secret World Legends MMO. The more revenue FunCom gets, the more new stuff we’ll get.

That’s pretty much how it goes.

Not gonna lie: FORSPOKEN looks pretty sweet.

FORSPOKEN‘s from Square Enix, coming out on PS5 and Windows in January. There was some yelling from the Internet about the earlier trailer, which I’m glad I missed. Not least because I was able to go into this blind. I love the movement you see here, especially the water-surfboard:

Giving this one serious thought. Maybe if I get Christmas money? Because it’s looking pretty expensive right now.

The CULT OF THE LAMB video game trailer.

CULT OF THE LAMB is not to be confused with the Worship videogame (latest Kickstarter update here*): it’s its own thing. And it’s thing is weird.

I’m not sure if I want to get this, though. I mean, the endgame is you release an Elder God, and everybody gets eaten, right? That doesn’t sound very nice.

Moe Lane

*It will not surprise anybody to hear that the game release for Worship has been pushed back a year.