The “…Well. THAT looks like [expletive deleted]” DRAGON AGE: THE VEILGUARD reveal trailer.

I mean, I kind of felt bad after the DRAGON AGE: THE VEILGUARD trailer. Bioware’s dead to me, sure, but I’m not into watching EA violate its corpse like this. It’s… unseemly.

Moe Lane

PS: What do I hate about it? I dunno, everything? The aesthetic looks like EA heard ARCANE was cool but wasn’t sure why, the storyline’s all over the place, Dragon Age has never really been able to decide what kind of fantasy setting it is and they keep making things worse with every game, I haven’t been happy with the gameplay since ORIGINS, and I have an almost irrepressible urge to just haul off and punch the featured NPC above in the nose. It’s not even because I dislike the NPC. It’s just that s/he/it/whatever has a very punchable nose.

Sony reverses course on linking Playstation accounts to HELLDIVERS 2.

Man, I miss the days when you didn’t worry about SEO in your title. I would have totally made a torturous joke about Sony getting swarmed by those ballistic drop bullets HELLDIVER 2 apparently uses. I dunno, my kid’s the one who plays it.

Also: if you happen to have Community Notes access on Twitter – which, by the way, offers endless opportunities to aggravate people who really deserve to be aggravated – there’s an entertaining (if ultimately counter-productive) argument going off inside there. Ach, well. I suppose it was inevitable.


Tweet of the Day, This Is Going To Cause Annoyance In Chez Lane edition.

My kid is now a solid Helldivers 2 player. Fixing this mess for him is gonna be fun…

Got Fallout 4 up and running again.

More or less. The Script Extender is still being updated, so I can’t use any of those mods. Right now I’m just carving my little mini-settlement out of Sanctuary, prepping everything so that people can move right on in when I get around to going to Concord. I’m not really playing it again so much as I’m waiting for the Starfield DLC to drop…

Moe Lane

PS: I know people think Fallout: New Vegas has a better story, and it does — but I can build stuff in Fallout 4. That’s a huge part of the fun for me.


Tweet of the Day, Why I Uninstalled @ConanExiles Last Night edition.

They’re being jackasses over trademark, apparently.

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Tweet of the Day, This Is Why We Oldish* People Are Cranky About Physical Media edition.

I understand that this particular situation is weird and complicated, but dammit: physical discs are harder to deactivate.

*I don’t feel old.

As always, this is an April Fools Day-free zone.

I mean, do practical jokes in the comments, or something. I don’t care about that. I don’t even mind the holiday itself, but this is as about excitement as I want out of this particular holiday.