May the Fourth be with you.

As is traditional to note on this day. Of course, ‘tradition’ is a slippery concept, here. Anyway, we’ve moved away from rumors that a remake of KOTOR might be in the works to rumors that the upcoming KOTOR will be an action RPG instead of a turn-based one. Which would definitely argue against them just re-porting the game to modern consoles*.

So, hey! Actual Star Wars news that you might care about! Awesome!

Moe Lane

*I also wonder how much cut content they’d officially put into a re-port ofd KOTOR II. After all, there was a team of people already doing it for them.

CDPR executives get big bonuses… because CYBERPUNK 2077 made a lot of money.

I figure sorta gets it, but Bloomberg sure doesn’t: the latter is just a little bit exercised about the fact that CD Projekt Red is handing out fairly hefty manager bonuses, based on the profits accrued from CYBERPUNK 2077. Then again, Bloomberg actually called that game “the video game industry’s biggest flop of 2020,” apparently because the website’s from an alternate dimension where the game didn’t move 13.7 million units in December and the company paid out a dividend. They also profit-shared with the rest of the company, too.

I was gonna be all, Look, we get it — but then I remembered that I hate it when people tell me what I’m really thinking. Suffice it to say I’m not surprised that a company having its best sales year ever spread it around, and I’m not particularly upset that management got a nice hunk of that. Just as long as they get cracking on the new DLC.

The apparently surprising unsurprising profitability of CYBERPUNK 2077.

I say ‘surprising’ because sites like Den of Geek and PC Gamer seem to be having trouble reconciling ‘CYBERPUNK 2077 is a total failure’ with ‘the game in 2020 sold 13.7 million units and only 30 thousand buyers asked for refunds.’ There’s a lot of speculation on just why this happened, and it’s entirely possible that CD Projekt Red is spinning the results somehow*. But here’s another possibility: maybe the remarkably good sale/refund ratio is because most people bought this game for the PC.

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So, they’re adapting WEREWOLVES WITHIN into a movie, and I feel old.

Not so much that they’re making a movie based on a video game…

…but because I had no idea that WEREWOLVES WITHIN existed. It’s a VR game, you see. Admittedly, the kids have a VR rig, but not one for the PS4, so now there’s an entire range of video games out there that I’m mildly clueless about. So: I feel old now.

Moe Lane

PS: What? Oh, I assume that it’ll suck. Video game movies usually do.

Spent two hours trying to get…

…OUTRIDERS to work. I’m not gonna snarl over it, because first-day stuff happens; but I’m just getting a black screen. I am on the verge of uninstalling, then installing the game again, just on general principles. In fact, strike that: I might as well just go ahead and do that now. Grr. Arrgh.

…Okay, maybe a little snarling.