The “Microsoft, You Majestic SOBs” OUTER WORLDS 2 trailer.

This is… this is perfect. It is a beautifully self-aware deconstruction of the typical AAA videogame teaser release, despite the fact that it came out under the imprimatur of Xbox; and it utterly fits the heavily satirical worldview of the first OUTER WORLDS, despite the fact (again) that Obsidian got acquired by Microsoft. This trailer has managed to somehow make me excited for the sequel despite the fact (one last time) it told me it was aiming to do just that, with a cynicism so pure, so clean, that I am refreshed.

Whoever came up with this trailer deserves a raise. And free wings on Friday night.

I am not very excited for E3 this year.

It was nice hearing about the new Bethesda RPG, but the stuff I want to know about mostly involve DLC. I’d like updates on Cyberpunk 2077 and Outriders, and maybe some clarity about Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2. I’m not getting any of that this week.

And, God help me, I don’t want to know about new Mass Effect or Dragon Age titles. Not until Bioware gets its head on a swivel. After a certain point, you’re just enabling its bad behavior; and I think we reached that point a while back… what? Yes, I bought the remaster. It doesn’t make me wrong, just slightly weak.

I finished the GREEDFALL RPG!

For those that don’t remember, GREEDFALL is this French game set in a 17th-18th century analogue, complete with black powder weapons, magic, and a lot of unsubtle references to colonialism. It redeems itself on that last point by being scrupulous about giving all of the factions you encounter suitable hang-ups and keeping everybody off the moral high ground, up to and including the various native tribes. Basically, everybody except you is a bit of an ass, which appeals to me, because it just means I have to clean everything up now. That’s my favored play style.

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