Yeeeah you may want to punch the panic button regarding the Twitch hack.

This… doesn’t sound great.

They’re not saying user information is involved in the Twitch breach, but you’d have to be insane to trust a 4chan leaker. If you use Twitch, I would recommend changing passwords and slap on two-factor authorization. I know it’s a pain in the ass, but so are people getting your credit card number.

So. Diablo II Remastered. Talk me into it, or talk me down?

Either is plausible: I played that game a hell of a lot when it first came out: Necromancer all the way, my droogies*. I could be playing it again. But do I really want to get sucked into Diablo II again? …Scratch that question, because the answers obvious. Is it really a good idea?

Moe Lane

If you’re wondering: I told myself that I had a bunch of spirits on hand on the other side of the Veil who just needed bodies. It was unfortunate that there were such… visceral special effects; but me and my guys were there to save the world, man! My guys wouldn’t hurt a fly! Unless it was demonic or something, sure.

FunCom has Conan.

This is not code language. FunCom is plugging Conan because FunCom owns Conan. Nothing else I could say would make more sense given what Funcom owns and what FunCom is doing at this moment*.

*Classical reference. God, but I miss Achewood.


This reminds me a bit of the Tokyo boards in Secret World Legends. Big surprise, huh? When you’re drawing on specific Japanese horror folklore, and setting it in the same urban area, you’re gonna get similar-looking monsters.

GHOSTWIRE TOKYO does look fun, though. Even though I’d prefer to have my trusty AR from SWL. 2022 release.


There was a time where I would have gone right out and bought HOT WHEELS UNLEASHED. …Only I couldn’t, because that time was in 1996 and there wasn’t a computer on the planet back then that could play this game. Looks fun as hell, though.

Comes out September 30th. Which is, of course, in the future. Yeah, I knew that…

The MARVEL’S SPIDER-MAN 2 reveal trailer.

This may be the one, folks. SPIDER-MAN 2 may be the one that makes people upgrade to the PS5. Assuming the price comes down, mind you. I ain’t spending that kind of money on a new console.

As ComingSoon notes, there’s gonna be Venom; but the voiceover also suggests Kraven the Hunter. Maybe. I’m not entirely checked out on the latest lore. Still, looks cool!


My kids are gonna love this.

It looks like they integrated all of the LEGO STAR WARS episode-based games, made it chronologically open, and fiddled with combat to make it a bit more complex. I will have to consult with my children over whether LEGO STAR WARS: THE SKYWALKER SAGA will make for an acceptable birthday present. I suspect that it will.