Tweet of the Day, Why I Uninstalled @ConanExiles Last Night edition.

They’re being jackasses over trademark, apparently.

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Golems coming to CONAN EXILES.

There are two things that Conan Exiles lacks: quarter foundations and walls that will give me the precision I need to build the dollhouse of my dreams, and automated resource gathering. They are addressing the second point in the new update.

It’s odd what people find relaxing, isn’t it?

Details out on Season 3 of Conan Exiles.

I should get a server for Conan Exiles. Basically, I just want to build little towns in the Exiled Lands and have people wander through having adventures and/or do PvP in them. It’s an excellent game for fiddling around with electronic dollhouses, honestly.

The ISLE OF SIPTAH Conan Exiles expansion.

ISLE OF SIPTAH looks… it looks like an alternate game, honestly.

I wonder if this means the CONAN EXILES level cap is gonna get nuked, too. And there’s at least one major mod out there which may have to get totally revamped. That’s gonna affect a lot of private servers… sorry, but this is interesting to me, at least. I’m playing the game again and idly building my modest river-valley city, so finding out that all my mods may be breaking soon is kind of interesting.

On the other hand: war rhinos.

Mounts coming to Conan Exiles.

Well, dang.

I may need to start a new private game, then. My valley-city doesn’t have any room for stables. Heck, I may even decide to go get a private server with limited PvP, if they’re not too dear. Having horses will change the dynamic of the entire game.