The “…Well. THAT looks like [expletive deleted]” DRAGON AGE: THE VEILGUARD reveal trailer.

I mean, I kind of felt bad after the DRAGON AGE: THE VEILGUARD trailer. Bioware’s dead to me, sure, but I’m not into watching EA violate its corpse like this. It’s… unseemly.

Moe Lane

PS: What do I hate about it? I dunno, everything? The aesthetic looks like EA heard ARCANE was cool but wasn’t sure why, the storyline’s all over the place, Dragon Age has never really been able to decide what kind of fantasy setting it is and they keep making things worse with every game, I haven’t been happy with the gameplay since ORIGINS, and I have an almost irrepressible urge to just haul off and punch the featured NPC above in the nose. It’s not even because I dislike the NPC. It’s just that s/he/it/whatever has a very punchable nose.

4 thoughts on “The “…Well. THAT looks like [expletive deleted]” DRAGON AGE: THE VEILGUARD reveal trailer.”

    1. Wow, I only skimmed that, but they seem like the sort of person who needs a punchable nose because their nose is going to get punched often.

    2. Watching the video, I only disliked the new artstyle.
      That article convinced me that I hate it.
      And (once again) that most game journalists are as incompetent as they are dishonest.

      Anyone using the word “hyper realistic” to describe the armor in DA:Origins (or even Morganna’s physics defying clothing) obviously never played the game.
      And I’m someone who has minimal emotional investment in the game, and my only experience with it was well over a decade ago. (Origins on console was one long interface screw. I loved the lore, but actually playing it was akin to putting salted sandpaper in your underwear. I’ve been perfectly happy to never replay it, or experience any of the sequels.)

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