My panel detail for RisuCon confirmed!

I think I’ll be by myself, but if they have somebody show up at the last minute who also does Kickstarters then I will happily share the microphone. I’m not infallible. Besides, they might have ideas that I can steal.

RisuCon, by the way, is a “An Anime and Cosplay Convention in Montgomery County, Maryland.” August 17-18, Montgomery County Conference Center. It is, like, barely a half hour from me, so I can do it without getting a hotel room. I’m looking forward to it; hopefully it’ll be a better crowd than Balticon was…

Panel details below:

Program Title: So You Want to do a Kickstarter.
Program Description: This would be a basic primer on how to put a Kickstarter together, what to do, what to do first, what not to do, and what it can and can’t be used for.
Date: Sunday, August 18th
Time Start: 11 AM
Time End: 11:45 AM
Room/Location: Great Falls (Panel 1)

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