The raw file for the SECRET WORLD LEGENDS TTRPG is available to Kickstarter backers.

If you backed the SECRET WORLD LEGENDS Kickstarter, check your email. You should have a gotten a link to the raw text. There’s no art, no layout, just words; I’ve been flipping through, and it looks pretty good so far. I’m wondering if they’re going to be statting the PC that I paid to have show up in the game*; it’d be interesting to see what her level actually is. Personally, I’ve always felt that I play one of the single most okay characters in that MMO, but it’d be nice to have that confirmed.

Moe Lane

*I’ve seen the artwork for Morganey (my aforementioned character), but I can’t wave it around yet. Star Anvil Studios asked me not to until they’re closer to production.

The Good Omens: the Official (and Ineffable) Graphic Novel Kickstarter.

Oooooh. The Good Omens: the Official (and Ineffable) Graphic Novel Kickstarter doesn’t remotely need my help though, mind you. In fact, it might hit a million by the end of the day. There’s an existing fanbase, is what I’m saying.

The FANTASTIC FLOPS Kickstarter.

Not just because FANTASTIC FLOPS will have a Ken Hite essay on it for WICKER MAN, although that would have been enough. There’s a bunch of movies in the list that I like, and I want to hear about them. Admittedly, I’m assuming that the writers like those movies, too – but that’s reasonable, right? I mean, it defies reason to think that Ken Hite doesn’t like WICKER MAN. He’s a civilized human being!


The Triangle Agency, Paranormal Investigation TTRPG Kickstarter.

I am not getting the Triangle Agency, Paranormal Investigation TTRPG Kickstarter, largely because I can’t really afford it*. But I have to say: their Kickstarter video game is on point. It’s enticing, and well put together.

*Not in the sense that it’s that, or pay the light bill. But it’s too expensive for an impulse buy, particularly since I’ll never likely play it. One must be sensible about these things.