The HST.3.33, a Third-Party CY_BORG Musical Interlude Kickstarter.

The HST.3.33, a Third-Party CY_BORG Musical Interlude Kickstarter is juuuuust on the verge of funding, so check it out. It’s an interesting little mini-RPG about a substance-abusing cyberpunk cyborg. …Yeah, God knows when I’d have time to play that, either. But Phil Reed’s a good egg.

Working on the TINSEL RAIN Backerkit!

Money’s come in, so it’s time to start constructing SKUs and setting up the Backerkit store and the rest of it. I also should be getting chapters soon, and once that happens things start to move along. We’re well on track to fulfilling TINSEL RAIN early, but if I want that to stay on track then I had better get cracking, right?

I’ll put up links when they’re ready. In the meantime, there’s my Amazon page.

The ‘sanderson’ has now been pegged at $41,750,000, or 1 $d$.

That’s the actual final total of Brandon Sanderson’s Kickstarter, rounded to the nearest $50,000. So it follows, then, that a microsanderson (m$d$) wouldbe worth $41.75*. This is a good number for measuring Kickstarters! For example, my recent Kickstarter clocks in at 62.01 m$d$, which is a reasonable number to work with.

Calibrate accordingly.

Moe Lane

*It is reasonable, I suppose, to peg the m$d$ at $42. That would make my recent Kickstarter 62.64 m$d$, instead. I am amenable to either method.

Today is the LAST DAY of my TINSEL RAIN fantasy novel Kickstarter!

We’ve admittedly got a slog to get to the audiobook level, but the TINSEL RAIN Kickstarter has been a marked success. It’s certainly given me some flexibility for the rest of the year.

But there’s still a day left! So sign up today to get the extra short stories stretch goal! I don’t know when these post-apocalyptic science horror stories are ever getting published, so now is the time to grab them!

Last weekend of the TINSEL RAIN Kickstarter!

We’re pretty dang close – less than a hundred bucks – to the next TINSEL RAIN Kickstarter stretch goal, too! ‘Course, the next one (an audiobook version of TINSEL RAIN) is the big one. Well, the big one that I’m gonna likely hit, barring people accidentally misclicking on Brandon Sanderson’s Kickstarter and backing mine instead.

Anyway, last weekend of me nagging on this, so tell your friends! And, well, everybody else. Just make sure they pick up FROZEN DREAMS first – or, you know, pick that tier in the Kickstarter. TINSEL RAIN is a sequel, after all.