Seven hours to go on the Steve Jackson Games’ GURPS 2021 PDF Challenge Kickstarter.

Everything in the Steve Jackson Games’ GURPS 2021 PDF Challenge Kickstarter’s unlocked, so if you were waiting for maximum return on your investment then now is the time to back it. It’s all digital, too, so no worries there. One reason why I buy a lot more European RPGs these days…

The Call of Cthulhu Classic Kickstarter.

Specifically, the forty year anniversary reprinting of the original boxed edition of the Call Of Cthulhu RPG. This is old-school stuff, friends: Chaosium scanned near-mint versions of the originals, cleaned them up, added little extras, and now here it is. I should also note that I checked, and Chaosium is planning to print this in Europe: i.e., not via slave labor. We all remember the wretched Sassoon Files affair, I’m sure…

Kickstarter surveys for my “Pickman’s Model” have gone out!

If you backed, you should be getting one via whichever email you used for the Kickstarter. It’s just to confirm email addresses and what name people want to have for the Special Thanks section: the “Pickman’s Model” Kickstarter was all-digital and limited-scope, so there’s no Backerkit to navigate this time. I should be getting the funds soon; once that happens, it’s just a matter of getting the final art, and putting it all together.

If you did not back, I am hoping to have the story ready for sale by the middle of July. Be sure to check here!

Three days to go on the “A Proper Picture for my ‘Pickman’s Model!'” Kickstarter!

The “A Proper Picture for my ‘Pickman’s Model!’” Kickstarter ends in 72 hours! We are fairly along on the path to the first stretch goal, so now is the time to back! Especially if you were going to buy my next chapbook anyway (it’s the first stretch goal, after all). Check it out today!

FIVE DAYS TO GO on the Kickstarter!

Although I am pleased at the level of success for the “A proper picture for my ‘Pickman’s Model!’” so far. It’d be awesome if it cracks the million dollar mark in the next five days. I needed it to fund, so that I could bring out the story this year and still be able to publish two more novels. And it has, so we’re golden.

But if people want to go for that million dollar objective, well, I can live with that.