My complete “The Smythe-Worthington Foundation” RPG setting is up on Patreon! (Free!)

Here ya go. Or here:

It’s pre-apocalyptic time travel RPGing at its finest, you know. Then again: how many of those kinds of campaigns are even out there, anyway?


The January 2023 Patreon stuff is up!

And I’m tired!

There ya go.


Tweet of the Day, I’m Doing A Twitter Poll On AI Art edition.

Let me establish, though: I hate the idea of using AI art for book covers and tabletop RPG illustrations. I’ve already checked with the artists on my current projects, and they don’t like using AI art, either. So this isn’t some kind of fig leaf, or anything. I don’t jump off a cliff just because everybody else is doing it, either*.

I am curious as to just how much people really care about this issue, though. I may be having an intemperate response. Hence, the poll.

*I believe that I have demonstrated this on occasion.

Getting some critical editing for the FERMI RESOLUTION RPG!

Not as much editing as I would like for it, but the most important bits are going to get professionally proofed and pared down. I’m now hammering out the details of the art. With any luck, I could have the FERMI RESOLUTION RPG supplement ready for layout by November! Which would be awesome*.

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