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  • Fiction: TIMMY AND THE FAT MAN. Timmy! Another heartwarming Christmas tale about my favorite wicked child! I shouldn’t enjoy writing these, but I do.
  • RPG Material: HEX NATION, PART 4: INDIAN COUNTRY. It would appear that the things historians want to record about Native American tribes are not the same things that I want them to record about Native American tribes. I’m not sure whose fault that is.

This ‘Bright’ modern fantasy Netflix cop movie looks promising.

Largely because of this:

Likened to [David] Ayer’s own End of Watch, Bright takes place in a world that blends contemporary reality with a fantasy realm. The story follows an Orc cop ([Joel] Edgerton) who is partnered with a human cop ([Will] Smith). Their ordinary beat takes a decidedly unordinary turn when they wind up coming into the possession of a massively powerful (and highly illegal) weapon: a magic wand.

…OK, yeah. Orc/Human buddy cop flick set in modern LA?  Gonna be on Netflix?  This sounds intriguing. I don’t want to jump up and down in glee, or anything – you get burned a lot when it comes to fantasy-themed films – but if they can pull it off it should be a hoot. I look forward to watching it when it’s done.