The August Patreon Entries.

Stuff I just make up stuff about: science fiction, and warfare!

  • Short Story: Tour Of Duty. It’s amazing what people get used to. Set in the same universe as the upcoming novel GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND.
  • RPG Entry: Ashes of Empire, Part 6b: The Overthrow War. The next entry will probably be the last one. This one looks at the broad details of the war, because the war itself would make for a better wargame.

Day the last of the July Patreon Pledge Drive! Monthly stuff up!

It’s the last day of the pledge drive. Some good stuff was written- and I got some new backers – so I call that a win. Back my Patreon today!

The July stuff!

The June Patreon stuff is up!

Huzzah! And my kinda-sort mini-vacation is almost at an end.

The May Patreon entries!

Putting it up before I go back to bed. I made the mistake of buying the strawberry milk of my childhood. Apparently, my childhood had a remarkably cavalier attitude towards the mixture of whole milk, and whatever witch’s brew they use to get the strawberry flavor…

The April Patreon stuff is up!

I know: oh, so early. Busy weekend ahead. Need to clear the decks beforehand.


The January Patreon stuff is up!

Bit of a grind, this month. Dunno why.

  • RPG supplement: Ashes of Empire, Part 1: Nin. In which we take a look of the basic world. Hint: it’ll be really easy to get maps for it.
  • Short Story: Tracks in the Desert. New IP! Works, but I want people to look at it and kick the tires, tell me what lug nuts are missing.

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The December Patreon stuff!

Done, done, done. Short story AND getting TINSEL RAIN to a first draft: I must have been tripping. But it’s over, and for the rest of the night I have no deadlines! Huzzah for me.

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