The Inevitable: A Doomed Arthurian Western RPG Kickstarter.

Inevitable: A Doomed Arthurian Western RPG is just what it says on the label; Arthurian, Western, and Doomed. It legitimately looks like a lot of fun to play, especially if you liked the first few books in Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. Last but not least: it’s ethically sourced. I explicitly checked, and the publisher indicated they’re planning to use an Estonian firm. So, no realistic chance of slave labor being used*! That’s always a plus.

Moe Lane

*God, but I hate having to ask that question.

The August Patreon Entries.

Stuff I just make up stuff about: science fiction, and warfare!

  • Short Story: Tour Of Duty. It’s amazing what people get used to. Set in the same universe as the upcoming novel GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND.
  • RPG Entry: Ashes of Empire, Part 6b: The Overthrow War. The next entry will probably be the last one. This one looks at the broad details of the war, because the war itself would make for a better wargame.

If you’ve pre-ordered the Swords of the Serpentine RPG…

…the book is available in your Pelgrane Press bookshelf. Been looking forward to getting SWORDS OF THE SERPENTINE for a while: Kevin and Em are good folks. I was glad to help playtest it. And, as I recall, some of the people reading this were in on that…

The Between the Devil & the Deep GUMSHOE RPG Kickstarter.

Pirate adventures for GUMSHOE! And the Between the Devil & the Deep Kickstarter is being done by the people who got their print run once pulped by the PRC, so I’m reasonably certain they’ll be able to avoid using slave labor to print their books. I think I got burned once or twice in that regard lately, so I’m trying to be more careful. Check it out!

Welp, that’s the last of the first wave of FERMI RESOLUTION RPG edits done.

I should be get the rules edits by the end of the month, not to mention the rest of the art. After that, I can send the project back, have my layout designer clean up everything, and then… it’ll be done! And praise God.

A slightly spoilerific sample page after the fold. The final language will change, mind.

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Finishing up what edits I need to for the worldbook.

Mostly so that I don’t have it hanging over my head when I finally get the rest of the stuff. The edits to the rules language and the new art work will be fairly significant, and I don’t want to feel oppressed when it comes time to integrate them into the RPG. Besides, it’s somewhat satisfying to see the work progress. I’ve wanted the FERMI RESOLUTION RPG worldbook off of my to-do list for a while now.


Work continues!

Got the first-look files for the RPG. It came out well, in my opinion. Oh, the text still needs edits, and extra art added (both are in the process of being finalized). But THE FERMI RESOLUTION WORLDBOOK took a large step forward to publication.

And damn, but that cover is gorgeous.

Moe Lane

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Up on Patreon: My complete UNFILTERED Spooky Space Opera RPG setting (paywall).

I am trying to encourage the Patreon, after all. I expect that at some point I will make UNFILTERED generally available, though. To give you an idea of what it’s like:

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