The May Patreon entries!

Putting it up before I go back to bed. I made the mistake of buying the strawberry milk of my childhood. Apparently, my childhood had a remarkably cavalier attitude towards the mixture of whole milk, and whatever witch’s brew they use to get the strawberry flavor…

2 thoughts on “The May Patreon entries!”

  1. I really liked the short story. The surface-level story is quite good; the ‘implications’ make it very good, and the way those implications show up make it even better. It’s one of the best short stories I have read in the last few years.

    (Oh, and the Ashes of Empire RPG setting is looking pretty fine as well.)

    If anyone reading this does not subscribe to Our Kind Host’s patreon: maybe reconsider?

  2. Agreed, the short story was very good. If you’re ever inclined to really dig into the philosophical aspects of that sort of identity question, try reading Reasons and Persons by David Parfit. Dense, but thought provoking.

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