The July Patreon rewards are up!

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Hey, I put the first draft of PROJECT SHIVA up on Patreon.

PROJECT SHIVA was my first NaNoWriMo, and then I promptly put it in a box. But I am apparently doing my best to avoid working on TINSEL RAIN this week; so I got a powerful urge today to take the text, convert it to Scrivener, and put the PDF of the first draft up on Patreon, just for fun. It’s about half the size that it should be and needs a rewrite or three, but if you’re a Patron: enjoy!

If not…


I have a Patreon , not a Substack, and it’s close to a new tier.

Frank Fleming‘s setting up a free Substack for his science fiction stuff, and that’s sensible of him: when you self-publish, you gotta do your own advertising. Yay. I’m not doing a Substack, though, because I already have a Patreon and it’s pretty close to the next tier (weekly serial fiction installments).

The link is below. Please note that I am not asking for people to up their pledges: I have a $1 buy-in, because I’d rather have ten people giving me a buck a month than one person giving me ten. Also note that I’ve revamped the goals and added some different writing samples. Send the link to your friends!


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