The April Patreon stuff is up!

Huzzah. It’s been a month.

  • Short story: Flim-Flam Man. …That poor so-and-so. He’ll be horrified to hear that there’s a novel in there, just waiting to make his life miserable.
  • RPG Material: Resurgence, Part One: The World Today. Just establishing the world, and what things will diverge from.

Enjoy! Or sign up! Or both!

Man, do I need to label my stories.

I knew I had a bunch of stories started but never finished, but I didn’t know it was that bad. Worse, that’s not everything. There’s at least one story I started about werewolves living in my town house community, only I can’t find it for some reason.

Anyway, there’s obviously a bunch of things that I can be working on… and some of them aren’t horror! I’ve been writing a bunch of horror lately. Might be time for a change.

PS: There’s at least two novels in there, by the way. I’ll let you guess which ones.

The January Patreon stuff is up!

It is a measure of this week that I wrote that out originally as ‘December.’

The December Patreon stuff is up!


  • Fiction: TIMMY AND THE FAT MAN. Timmy! Another heartwarming Christmas tale about my favorite wicked child! I shouldn’t enjoy writing these, but I do.
  • RPG Material: HEX NATION, PART 4: INDIAN COUNTRY. It would appear that the things historians want to record about Native American tribes are not the same things that I want them to record about Native American tribes. I’m not sure whose fault that is.