06/10/2024 Snippet, SEVEN FLAGS.

It’s slower going than I’d like, because I need more conflict in this one. And punchier dialogue.

“Your quartermasters have been very helpful, Praefect.” Arco’s Orcish was even better than Cabot’s, with only a trace of an accent. “There were a few items that they could not precisely provide, but I was able to find acceptable substitutes.”

Liza couldn’t decide if there had been a sneer or not tacked onto ‘acceptable,’ so she decided to be charitable and let it go. “Good. But if it turns out you need something after all, tell us right away. We don’t want to make your job harder.”

“Yes,” Cabot drawled as he mixed himself a glass of something complicated. “Only the enemy gets to do that. And they’re so good at it, too.” He looked around in the sudden silence, smirked at the various expressions, and meeped laughter. “Ah. Yes, this would be the famous ghulman sense of humor. I’m afraid you’ll get used to it.”

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