New Sherlock Holmes 3 not-Ritchie director announced.

Two out of three is… apparently what we’re getting, here.

Rocketman” filmmaker Dexter Fletcher has come on board to direct the latest “Sherlock Holmes” film, with Robert Downey Jr. returning to star… Jude Law is also expected to return as Professor Watson.

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The third being: no Guy Ritchie. I’m sorry, but I like Guy Ritchie films. Apparently I’m currently fairly alone in this, judging from the box office from the Man From UNCLE and King Arthur flicks; but those were fun, dammit. And so were the Sherlock Holmes flicks. I am not entirely sure that the next one will be as fun.

Moe Lane

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This BBC Sherlock is excellent.

Watching the first episode now, and I’m pleasantly surprised on how well it works.  Then again, I did like the Downey/Law Sherlock Holmes, so obviously I’m not entirely a purist on these issues*.

Moe Lane

*Doyle would have liked that movie, I think.

[UPDATE]  Ah, so there are only three episodes’ worth so far.  Which means that I should probably ration them a little.  I have to say, they took full advantage of my preconceived expectations from reading the original Conan Doyle.

Saw Sherlock Holmes.

And to answer Ken Hite’s last question: it was a perfectly good movie that hit a lot of of his – and my – buttons on the way past.  I liked it; Guy Ritchie took Sherlock Holmes seriously, and contra Ken (slightly) I thought Jude Law was better than Russell Crowe would have been.  Setting looked very believable, local tech level ditto, Downey/Law’s interaction with each other very good, and they managed to make this current film without using too many elements that will be needed for the next film.

So go ahead and see it in matinee, and definitely see it when it hits DVD.

Anybody see the Sherlock Holmes flick?

Howard Tayler liked it, Aint It Cool News ditto, Rotten Tomatoes seems to be having a disagreement between fans and film critics.  I’m on the cusp between deciding to see it now and waiting until DVD, and this is one film where I’ll be unhappy about the latter if I like the film; it looks like it’ll be more fun to watch on the big screen.  Anybody go see it yet?