‘His Dark Materials’ series coming to BBC.

Am I going to be impolite, here? …Yes. Yes, I think so. I feel that it’s good that the people making His Dark Materials have admitted to themselves that the appeal of petulant Gnosticism has gotten more selective:

BBC has released the official teaser trailer for their upcoming fantasy series His Dark Materials, offering us our first look at Dafne Keen, James McAvoy, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Ruth Wilson’s characters as Lyra, Lord Asriel, Lee Scoresby and Mrs. Coulter, respectively. The series adaptation is based on Philip Pullman’s novel trilogy of the same name. 

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Tweet of the Day, Dracula Comes To The BBC edition.

Via @GenevieveCogman.

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BBC starting to film The War of the Worlds.

Saw this on Facebook:

Set in Edwardian England, this new adaptation of H.G. Wells’ seminal tale – the first alien invasion story in literature – follows George (played by Rafe Spall) and his partner Amy (Eleanor Tomlinson) as they attempt to defy society and start a life together. Rupert Graves is Frederick, George’s elder brother, and Robert Carlyle plays Ogilvy, an astronomer and scientist. The War of the Worlds tells their story as they face the escalating terror of an alien invasion, fighting for their lives against an enemy beyond their comprehension.

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Ooh: The BBC is doing a version of SS-GB.

It’s apparently going to be a five-part series.  For those who aren’t familiar, SS-GB is an alternate history novel by British spy novel great Len Deighton: as you might have gleaned from the title, it’s a police/spy novel set in a world where the Germans won the Battle of Britain and are now occupying the United Kingdom. I read it a while back, and I can say that it’s certainly adaptable for the television screen.  And a miniseries would probably do it more justice than a movie, at that. Continue reading Ooh: The BBC is doing a version of SS-GB.

What, no screenshots?

Surely keyboards had a Print Screen button in 1991:

A search to recover the very first web page has unearthed a relic from 1991.

The page turned up after Cern launched a public appeal for files, hardware and software from the web’s earliest days.

The original page is missing because the web’s creators did not preserve the early work they did on what has become a historic document.

Unfortunately, other potential finds from the same era on that old computer remain hidden because the password for it has been forgotten.

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This BBC Sherlock is excellent.

Watching the first episode now, and I’m pleasantly surprised on how well it works.  Then again, I did like the Downey/Law Sherlock Holmes, so obviously I’m not entirely a purist on these issues*.

Moe Lane

*Doyle would have liked that movie, I think.

[UPDATE]  Ah, so there are only three episodes’ worth so far.  Which means that I should probably ration them a little.  I have to say, they took full advantage of my preconceived expectations from reading the original Conan Doyle.

Amazing how things can *not* change over time, huh?

Having seen the Yes, Prime Minister clip found here I went looking for some more. This one here is biting (and still relevant), on a variety of levels:

…and it’s just as well that the embedding is disabled on this one, because the last line is simultaneously perfect and possibly distressing to those of delicate sensibilities.

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