Some administrative trivia.

Under the circumstances, I feel that it is probably best to switch out to the new Twitter account tonight.  I am not yet formally ending all political commentary, but you can see the end of it from here.  I assume that this site will be transformed into a general gaming/geekery site; I hope to do more creative work. Indeed, I largely have to, because my annual income took a rather severe hit tonight.  Which is a shame and a tooth-grinding frustration, but I will not serve that man.

Trump accuses Rafael Cruz of being involved in JFK assassination. #nevertrump

If it hadn’t been the last straw three months ago, this would have been the last straw. I don’t vote for conspiracy theorists. I don’t vote for Birthers, I don’t vote for 9/11 Troofers, I don’t vote for MIHOP/LIHOP enthusiasts, and I absolutely will not vote for a JFK conspiracy nut. OR the political party that nominates one.

Seriously, I helped fight all of those people to a standstill between 2002-2008. I will be damned if I end up going to work for one. I have far too much self-respect for that.

Moe Lane

Ted Cruz talks to Trump protesters today in Indiana.

As choices go, it doesn’t get much starker than this, folks.

And I’m going to be honest: I found those protesters embarrassing. They know what they know, and it’s nothing more or nothing less than what they’ve been told, and while I’m sure that the fever will eventually break for them the rest of us may still have to live with the consequences. …If you live in Indiana, go vote for Ted Cruz tomorrow, folks. Pretty please, with sugar on top.

Today is Victims of Communism Day.

Oh, I know that the Marxists revere it as ‘May Day,’ but let’s be honest. Deliberately killing somewhere between eighty and a hundred million people as part of your ideology should be automatically disqualifying when it comes to who gets to assign holidays. Certainly Communism’s victims would like to have a vote…

White House Correspondents Dinner tonight.

Come, I will conceal nothing from you; if I had ever been invited, I would have gone. But I’ve never been invited, and I probably never will be invited, and I suspect that some of the people who get all het up about the White House Correspondents Dinner might be similarly quietly wishing that they could go. And, yeah, I know that it’s vaguely silly to want to go to this thing. But, what the heck: if I can’t use this site to every so often admit to something vaguely silly, why do I have this site in the first place?

Now that I’ve established that, let me finish up by saying: no, it’s not #nerdprom. Most of those people aren’t nerds. And I don’t mean that as a compliment*.

Moe Lane

*I don’t mean it as an insult. Just as a statement of fact about an unfortunate lack of a particular quality.

So, the Mike Tyson rape apology got Donald Trump’s own MOM mad at him.

Guess we’ll find out on Tuesday, but: typically you don’t want to brag about getting the endorsement of a convicted rapist whose conviction was in the state that you’re campaigning in. Particularly if you thought that the sentence for the rape was too severe in the first place:

Look, if your comments go and piss off your own mother, at least think about your stance, OK? It’s your mom. She gets that much consideration, at least.