Back from the convention!

A little… different… than what I was expecting. To be honest, I was expecting more of a vendors’ presence from the sponsors, but I guess that’s not how it works.  The game I ran was well-received, although I had to scramble to get a third person after the guy who triple-booked a slot decided not to show up; the endgame went completely differently than it did in playtest, which is exciting news!  That makes the setup marketable, I think.

The game I played in (Bookhounds of London/Trail of Cthulhu) was fun, too.  I ended up going mad, because I will be damned if I play a Cthulhu game where nobody goes mad and gibbering insanely is part of the fun.  I managed to not be there for the occult stuff until the very end, and had spent the game genially insisting that there was no such thing as real magic – which led nicely to me emptying my revolver into the magician and then running out, shaken and broken, into the night.

So, good gaming even if I wasn’t able to do any professional networking.  So it goes…

Long but fruitful day in the delegate allocation wars.

I’m tracking the results for a RedState post – Oklahoma stubbornly refuses to cough up its results – but the short version is that Team Cruz had a nicely successful day making sure that the delegates that like Ted Cruz are the ones who are going to the convention. Kansas, Georgia, South Carolina, and of course Wyoming. Note that all of the delegates involved in the first three states there are still bound to specific candidates; but they’re also going to be on various committees and whatnot, and that’s going to make a big difference when it comes time to establish the rules.

…I trust I don’t need to spell that last part out?

Hey, I guessed wrong on where the Democratic convention was going to be!

Turns out that they’re having it in Philly after all.  Personally, I would have picked somewhere that wasn’t a day trip from NYC, but they didn’t ask me, either? …Seriously, though: security is going to be a really big issue for both conventions this cycle.  The Republican party is going to have to worry about crazy blackshirt progressive lunatics who want to disrupt the proceedings, and the Democratic party is going to have to worry about…  crazy blackshirt progressive lunatics who want to disrupt the proceedings.  The really major difference is that the Democrats probably have to worry a little bit less about the aforementioned crazy blackshirt progressive lunatics trying to kill them some delegates*.

Hey, maybe that’s why they picked Philly: the cops there have a certain reputation…

Moe Lane

*That’s not a joke.

Thank God: the 2016 GOP convention will be in Cleveland, OH.

I got nothing against Dallas, but Texas gets hot in the summertime. And Cleveland is a nice, respectable, straightforward choice. We are going to be running the Mother Of All A Return To Normalcy campaigns in 2016: there is a time for drama and there is a time for no-drama, and this is a time for no-drama.

Via Hot Air: I’m surprised that they didn’t use this video.

2016 GOP convention down to Cleveland and Dallas.

Personally, I expect it to be Cleveland.

Ohio will just be too important in 2016. As usual, sure, but in 2016 there’s going to be a GOP governor (unless John Kasich implodes, which so far he’s shown precisely zero signs of doing). Besides, Cleveland is pretty danged… undramatic. If you assume that the GOP is going to run a Return to Normalcy campaign (safe assumption), a lack of drama would be ideal.

Also: dear God but Texas gets hot in the summer.

The GOP simply MUST NOT pick Las Vegas for the 2016 Convention.

James Richardson makes an eloquent case for why Nevada Democrats – explicitly including current Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid – should put local needs over partisan ones by making it clear that the American Bridge stalker-PAC would not be given free rein in a hypothetical Las Vegas GOP convention. Unfortunately for Las Vegas business owners and workers, Nevada Democrats will do nothing of the sort.  Loyalty flows only uphill in the Democratic party these days: and if any of the little guys get hurt by it, too bad: they shouldn’t have been little to start with*. Continue reading The GOP simply MUST NOT pick Las Vegas for the 2016 Convention.

#rsrh Charlotte Watch: Letting Clinton be Clinton.

I was wondering how Bill planned to sabotage Obama last night; turned out, according to Jim Geraghty, it was by Clinton being… Clinton.

As the sections continued, it became clear that this is what Bill Clinton lives for — how he misses the excitement, the attention, the power. . . . The presidency is like a drug, and while I’m sure his post-presidential life has its perks — though he is a vegan now — nothing is quite like having an arena full of adoring fans, hanging on your every word, ready to applaud and cheer your every utterance. The two-term limit is the only thing that is keeping him from running again.

And the speech just kept going.

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#rsrh Charlotte convention Democrats deny God thrice. :pause: This is a PROFESSIONAL insult to me.

“I swear to you, I do not know this man!”

Dammit, I do not need this kind of gimme.  I am perfectly capable of hammering the Democrats without… the active assistance of the Democratic party itself.


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