Long but fruitful day in the delegate allocation wars.

I’m tracking the results for a RedState post – Oklahoma stubbornly refuses to cough up its results – but the short version is that Team Cruz had a nicely successful day making sure that the delegates that like Ted Cruz are the ones who are going to the convention. Kansas, Georgia, South Carolina, and of course Wyoming. Note that all of the delegates involved in the first three states there are still bound to specific candidates; but they’re also going to be on various committees and whatnot, and that’s going to make a big difference when it comes time to establish the rules.

…I trust I don’t need to spell that last part out?

2 thoughts on “Long but fruitful day in the delegate allocation wars.”

  1. Well, trump needs a story to cover his failure. “Dey tooook muh numination!!1! Teh seeestim esss rigzord!”

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