Ted Cruz talks to Trump protesters today in Indiana.

As choices go, it doesn’t get much starker than this, folks.

And I’m going to be honest: I found those protesters embarrassing. They know what they know, and it’s nothing more or nothing less than what they’ve been told, and while I’m sure that the fever will eventually break for them the rest of us may still have to live with the consequences. …If you live in Indiana, go vote for Ted Cruz tomorrow, folks. Pretty please, with sugar on top.

Senator Mike Lee is a bad person to make your enemy.

I’ve met him and interviewed him a couple of times, so I can say this from experience: Senator Mike Lee is a good guy. He’s also likely to be in the Senate for as long as he cares to be, and he plans to do things while he’s there. Listening to Senator Lee get good and steamed in this Mark Levin interview should make a careful man thoughtful. Because this issue ain’t going away any time soon, election or no election.

Tweet of the Day, @tedcruz Represents On Dirty, Filthy Communism edition.

Damn straight they did.

DAMN straight they did.

Tweet of the Day, Planned Parenthood HATES The Idea of Cruz/Fiorina edition.

You can’t buy this kind of helpful antipathy. It’s practically an in-kind contribution, really. And just in time for Indiana, too.

Ted Cruz just took a very big step towards winning Indiana.

You’ve heard the news by now: Ted Cruz is going to let John Kasich take a clear shot at Oregon and New Mexico in exchange for Kasich getting the heck out of the Indiana primary. It’s a trade that Cruz needed, and it’s gonna scramble all the calculations, in Cruz’s favor. It also suggests that the ‘vote for whoever’s ahead: Cruz or Kasich’ state strategic voting rule is now in full effect everywhere else. Continue reading Ted Cruz just took a very big step towards winning Indiana.

Ted Cruz now assured of winning Wyoming.

Looks like Ted Cruz is gonna effectively pick up another ten to fourteen delegates this weekend.

Fourteen delegates picked statewide (plus the usual three for party leaders). Ted Cruz grabbed the lion’s share of delegates last month, and he’ll be likely to pick up most if not all of the rest. Unsurprisingly, frankly. And every little bit helps.