Found here. Short version: I used a spreadsheet to come up with a hard cap on how many statewide delegates Donald Trump could glean from West Virginia.  …There was math. I was assured that there would be no math…

Moe Lane

PS: This should be good for background. Let me be honest, here: the way West Virginia assigns delegates is kind of weird and messy. Everybody got caught out by it. Even Ted Cruz’s campaign didn’t manage to get it perfectly right.

If the Clintons were serious about the South, they’d stump in West Virginia.

Let’s just establish something right here, right now:

Self-proclaimed Clinton Democrats are struggling this election cycle, and not even their powerful namesakes may be enough to save them.

Both Bill and Hillary Clinton have tried to turn on their charms to help centrist Democrats in Kentucky and Arkansas. But as candidates in both states are slipping, help from the party’s preeminent power couple is falling short.

…the article goes on to claim that in 2016 Bill and Hillary Clinton may be regional powerhouses in the South anyway.  And that’s something that is completely at odds with the actual truth, which is that the Clintons know full well that they’re not going to make a darn bit of difference in the South. And how do I know that? Easy. They’re going to Kentucky and Arkansas: two states where the Democratic candidate will lose and it won’t actually be the Clintons’ fault.  Both Mark Pryor and Alison Grimes have run poor campaigns against Tom Cotton and Mitch McConnell: there’s no real demographic benefit that Hillary or Bill Clinton could give those two, and pretty much everybody knows it.

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Which consultant told Democratic candidates to refuse to say that they voted for Obama?

Because somebody did.

CHARLESTON, WV – Today, during an editorial board meeting with the Charleston Daily Mail, Natalie Tennant refused to say that she voted for President Obama in 2012. “I voted for the Democratic Party,” she said. She also, yet again, refused to say whether she would vote for Harry Reid as Majority Leader if elected to the Senate.

Yeah, I know, doesn’t matter because it’s West Virginia, but still. Somebody told Democratic candidates that they needed to be cowards. Who, and why?

Elizabeth Warren to stump for… wait, sorry. Natalie Tennant? In WEST VIRGINIA?


[Senator Elizabeth Warren] has been hailed as a possible 2016 presidential contender among some on the left. Yet Warren has also become a lightning rod for criticism from conservatives who say she represents no less than a new breed of tax-and-spend, entitlement-rich uber-liberals in the mold of President Barack Obama. Her rise to national prominence has even led some critics back home to dust off the state’s old nickname, “Taxachusetts.”

So she may seem at first blush an odd choice to campaign for Democrat Natalie Tennant in this year’s Senate race in West Virginia — which has become as anti-Obama and anti-liberal as any state in the nation right now.

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Joe Manchin (D, West Virginia) backstabs Nick Rahall (D, WV).

Well, isn’t this interesting.

  • February, 2013: “U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) announced today that he is honored to invite Major Richard Ojeda, a West Virginia veteran and a community organizer, as his guest for the President’s State of the Union address.”
  • October, 2013: “A nationally recognized political report has moved a possible race for Congress next year in West Virginia from “Lean Democrat” to “Toss Up.” The Cook Political Report said Friday state Sen. Evan Jenkins, R-Cabell, is drawing closer to longtime 3rd District Congressman Nick Rahall.”
  • January, 2014: “Rahall has outrun the political change in West Virginia so far, but Obama’s dire approval ratings here are dangerous for the veteran incumbent.”
  • January, 2014: “Richard Ojeda, a West Virginia veteran who was Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-W.Va.) guest at the State of the Union last year, apparently liked what he saw of Congress. Ojeda has announced that he plans to challenge 19-term congressional veteran Rep. Nick Rahall (D-W.Va.) in the state’s upcoming primary.”

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Nick Rahall (D, West Virginia) and the carbon tax.

This ad from the American Energy Alliance against Congressman Nick Rahall is not precisely subtle:

…which does not mean that it’s incorrect. Basically: in 2013 Rahall voted for the Progressive Caucus’s budget amendment.  Said amendment relied on a carbon tax; carbon taxes are bad news to West Virginia coal miners, given that you tax things when you don’t want more of it; and Nick Rahall is apparently an idiot for thinking that this wouldn’t show up in an attack ad against him.  It was certainly more or less predicted, back in 2013: Continue reading Nick Rahall (D, West Virginia) and the carbon tax.

Quote of the Day, Ya Got Trouble, Right Here in West Virginia… edition.

Trouble with a capital T and that rhymes with D and that stands for “Democrat.”

In a Sheraton ballroom, Ms. [Natalie] Tennant, West Virginia’s [Democratic] secretary of state, listened to Michelle Obama urge donors to write “a big old fat check” to her and other women running for the Senate.

But back home, where President Obama is deeply unpopular, Ms. Tennant’s campaign quickly sought to wriggle out of the embrace of the White House, insisting to the local news media that “what the first lady said is not an endorsement.”

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Today’s the day @Sen_JoeManchin hits up liberal gun-grabbers for cash!

Remember this?

WASHINGTON – Mayor Bloomberg, who has spent millions of dollars to attack opponents of gun control, will raise hundreds of thousands this month for an advocate of tougher gun laws.

Bloomberg will host a July 22 fundraiser at his upper East Side home for Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.V.), sources said. Tickets for the event start at $1,000.

Yeah, Sen. Manchin wishes that you wouldn’t – certainly he’s been shy about admitting that he was going to this shindig. But then, who could blame him?

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s gun control group Mayors Against Illegal Guns is finding it hard to keep its membership up, thanks to dozens of resignations and lost elections over the last few months.

Worse for Bloomberg, who has become one of the faces of the gun control movement: the people replacing his lost comrades aren’t particularly eager to sign up with the organization, a rare group battling in the trenches against the well-organized and deep-pocketed National Rifle Association. Some appear not quite to have signed on for that level of political heat.

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