Elizabeth Warren to stump for… wait, sorry. Natalie Tennant? In WEST VIRGINIA?


[Senator Elizabeth Warren] has been hailed as a possible 2016 presidential contender among some on the left. Yet Warren has also become a lightning rod for criticism from conservatives who say she represents no less than a new breed of tax-and-spend, entitlement-rich uber-liberals in the mold of President Barack Obama. Her rise to national prominence has even led some critics back home to dust off the state’s old nickname, “Taxachusetts.”

So she may seem at first blush an odd choice to campaign for Democrat Natalie Tennant in this year’s Senate race in West Virginia — which has become as anti-Obama and anti-liberal as any state in the nation right now.

Actually, I get why Tennant is trying this: it’s because the Tennant campaign is being slowly strangled to death by the national Democratic party’s insane religious fanaticism when it comes to coal policy, and she needs a game changer.  Absent an actual pledge to caucus with the Republican party – which probably would not work, at that* – the Democrat’s options are pretty much limited at this point.  Republican Shelley Capito is up in the polls and time is running out.  Tennant’s only hope is in trying to play the populist card; and while there are no actual populists in the Democratic party, per se, Elizabeth Warren can kind of pretend to be one in a pinch.  Sort of.  Not really.


Look, they don’t call it a ‘Hail Mary’ pass because the Queen of Heaven is in the habit of reaching down from the sky and ensuring that the football goes into the waiting hands of the receiver, OK? Desperation moves rarely work, otherwise they wouldn’t be desperation moves. It’s a measure of how bad things are getting for the Democrats in West Virginia that this one is even being tried…

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*At least, it wouldn’t work in West Virginia.

3 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren to stump for… wait, sorry. Natalie Tennant? In WEST VIRGINIA?”

  1. I get the strong feeling that over the next 20-30 years, all the major state government positions in West Virginia are going to go over to the GOP.

  2. Speaking off Hail Mary passes: Bill Clinton is in Florida stumping for Charlie Crist.
    You know, Florida Democrats and Charlie Crist have dialed the Derp Level up to 11. Florida Democrats are using an attack that epicly failed to knock off Rick Scott four years ago and Charlie Crist wants to visit Cuba (but he can’t, since he can’t get permission and he’s managed to piss off a good chunk of the Cuban American vote).
    Moe, my brain is melting because of this boring bloody election! Florida Democrats are shooting themselves in the face and Charlie Crist is nailing his feet to the floor! Their self-destruction is maddening, even to a conservative partisan like me!

  3. There’s an old phrase I heard as a young Marine that I firmly believe applies here.

    “When you opponent is sticking their dick (figuratively speaking) in the fan, DON’T TRY AND STOP THEM!”

    Tennant is making a huge unforced error politically. Tying herself to the far left Liberal wing of the Democratic Party will certainly fail to win the election for her. I don’t have a problem with that.

    What many gullible people simply don’t understand is that socialism just doesn’t work. It often takes a while as a political system for it to fail, eventually it does fail.

    Communism is merely a more extreme form of socialism…and it has failed miserably everywhere it’s been tried. It took 70 years in the Soviet Union…and about 30 years in China. Venezuela is collapsing economically even as we speak. Bolivia is not far behind.

    The EU has managed to insulate itself for the past 60 years, but they have sustained elevated levels of unemployment that until the advent of Obamanomics, were unacceptable in the US.

    What does this have to do with West Virginia? Coal…Obamanomics demands high energy prices with the regulatory throttling of coal fired power plants. Tennant says she doesn’t support this administration’s energy agenda, but as a good soldier, she will, if elected vote FOR every bill that further’s the “green agenda’s” policies of destroying coal and oil production.

    Pretty much every single Democrat currently in Congress has done this. They are only permitted to vote against bills if there are enough votes to pass them otherwise. ObamaCare’s passage is an excellent example of this. The only Demz who voted against it, did so with the permission of the Democratic Leadership.

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