Tweet of the Day, @SenWarren Comes SO Close To Showing Actual Courage edition.

But she flubs the dismount.

Senator Elizabeth Warren doesn’t quite have the guts to admit what we all know: that Hillary Clinton did some bad things, and that Clinton shouldn’t be the Democratic nominee for President.  For that matter: if you want a President who will ‘honor the simple notion that nobody is above the law,’ then you had better vote for a Republican: nobody on the Democratic side will dare prosecute anybody in the current administration for any of the bad things that those people did. Bernie Sanders in particular would turn a blind eye to all the crony capitalism that you’d think that a would-be Commie would be all up in arms about.

Come on, search your feelings. You know it to be true.

Elizabeth Warren disses Hillary Clinton.

Because she can, of course:

Hillary Clinton will be joined by 13 of the 14 Democratic women of the U.S. Senate at a fundraiser Monday night in Washington, D.C., an attempt by the front-runner’s campaign to flex its establishment muscle as the first caucuses and primaries draw closer.

But one Democratic leader is notably missing from the roster of women headlining the Women for Hillary endorsement event: Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

You can do that when your own party wants you to be the first female major-party Presidential candidate.  Even when you don’t quite have the nerve yourself to go for that particular brass ring.  Especially when you don’t quite have the nerve, I suppose.  What is Hillary gonna do, support the Republican candidate in Warren’s next election?

Tweet of the Day, Secular Inquisitors Rarely End Well edition.

:sing-song: Not my prob-lem…

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Let’s You and Him fight: Elizabeth Warren v. Barack Obama.

(H/T: @exjon) Ooh, this should be entertaining: “The feud between Obama and the left continued Saturday, when Warren and Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) called on the president to immediately declassify the negotiating terms of a pending trade deal with a host of nations known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership.” Not least because you have to sit for a moment and think before you can figure out who is being more petty. Is it Barack Obama, for suggesting that Elizabeth Warren is like one of those people who believe in death panels*? Or is it Elizabeth Warren, because she is apparently physically incapable of understanding that Election Night 2014 has noticeably changed the relative relevance of her opinions?

Moving onto Warren’s demand (Sen. Sherrod Brown is, as usual, merely there to be seen): the President will of course ignore her ultimatum, because Barack Obama would like a trade deal and the progressive wing of the Democratic party does not. More to the point, thanks to the aforementioned Election Night the Senate is now run by the political party that officially likes the idea of increased trade. The most likely scenario, then, is one where the GOP largely forces through fast-track legislation with whatever support Barack Obama scrounges up: which means that the Democrats will be the ones having a bruising internal fight for a change.

What’s not to like?

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Democrats hoping beyond hope that a sufficient number of Republicans may be persuaded to vote no on fast-track simply to spite President Obama should note two things. One, the GOP knows that Barack Obama will not be President in 2017. Two, the GOP pretty much despises all progressive politicians on sight.  Particularly all the ones that call us names – and, lo! All the name-callers hate fast-track.

PPS: If Senator Warren does not like the final details of the TPP deal when they become available to her, Senator Warren is perfectly free to vote no. Which she will, of course (I will not assume that she will even bother to read it, first).  If Senator Warren does not like being relegated to this position, then I suppose Senator Warren should have done a better job at helping the Democrats keep their Senate majority.

*Yes. I know, I know: the current system for rationing health care will in fact lead to situations where your health care decisions may in fact be subject to a formal bureaucrat’s veto.  But it’s like ‘swift-boating:’ the fact that it doesn’t register as an insult to us doesn’t mean that it’s not a fairly vicious one to members of the Left. Or that the person being insulted won’t take major offense, either.

The banking industry does Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D, MA) a favor.

She will probably send them all fruit baskets:

Four major banks are threatening to withhold campaign donations to Senate Democrats in anger over Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) attacks on Wall Street.

Representatives from financial powerhouses Citigroup, JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America recently met in Washington and discussed the growing hostility towards big business within the Democratic ranks, according to a Reuters report Friday.

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You gotta say this for Karl Rove/American Crossroads: they’re Ready For Hillary, too.

Glenn Reynolds called this Master-level trolling from Karl Rove’s American Crossroads, and… yeah. Yeah, it is.

Using Elizabeth Warren’s voice to drive home that message is a lovely touch. She’ll either have to complain, thus alienating her biggest fans; or she’ll have to keep her mouth shut, thus alienating the Clinton campaign.  That’s a win either way: it’s always nice to see a professional at work, particularly when the work isn’t actually aimed at you. If American Crossroads just stays out of the primaries this time, that would be spiffy, thanks.  If they do that, we’ll shower attaboys on Karl Rove all day and even let him have the last brownie.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

On trying to shoehorn populism into the modern Left. Somehow. Somewhere.

I’m gonna push back a little on Salena Zito’s argument here on populism, although I certainly agree with her assessment of  Elizabeth Warren:

We are in the midst of a record wealth gap between America’s rich and middle class, according to the Pew Research Centers. That has fueled the populist opposition to Washington among Main Street Americans on both sides of the political line — and [Senator Elizabeth] Warren is trying to cash in on it.

That’s fine; that’s what we do in America. But it isn’t populism, as will be seen when people do not rise up. Populism is an ideology extolling the virtues of the people against the depravities of elites — such as Harvard Law professors like Warren, according to Baylor University political science professor Curt Nichols.

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Elizabeth Warren getting ‘help’ from the PCCC in New Hampshire.

Help in scare quotes because… well, because it’s the Progressive Change Campaign Committee. Those guys* are as about as ‘helpful’ as is a sudden outbreak of cholera.

A progressive activist group that is strongly supportive of Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is reaching out to Democratic leaders and activists in New Hampshire this weekend.

Progressive Change Campaign Committee organizer Don Weigel emailed New Hampshire Democrats inviting them to coffee in Portsmouth on Saturday and in Manchester on Sunday. State Democrats received two emails from Weigel – – one Saturday and one Sunday.

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Elizabeth Warren’s Cromnibus Cui Bono?

Interesting point here from Glenn Reynolds: “You know, it’s cynical but I wonder if part of Warren’s trouble with Cromnibus is the campaign-finance provision that would give the party apparat a lot more power.”  …You know, that very well could be the reason why Elizabeth Warren is pushing this.  God knows that it can’t be because of any genuine populism on her, or indeed any national Democrat’s, part: that crowd hasn’t generated a true, authentic populist since William Jennings Bryan. Political calculation really does seem to be the simpler explanation that fits all the facts.