Tweet of the Day, @SenWarren Comes SO Close To Showing Actual Courage edition.

But she flubs the dismount.

Senator Elizabeth Warren doesn’t quite have the guts to admit what we all know: that Hillary Clinton did some bad things, and that Clinton shouldn’t be the Democratic nominee for President.  For that matter: if you want a President who will ‘honor the simple notion that nobody is above the law,’ then you had better vote for a Republican: nobody on the Democratic side will dare prosecute anybody in the current administration for any of the bad things that those people did. Bernie Sanders in particular would turn a blind eye to all the crony capitalism that you’d think that a would-be Commie would be all up in arms about.

Come on, search your feelings. You know it to be true.

5 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, @SenWarren Comes SO Close To Showing Actual Courage edition.”

  1. The real question ,the only question, is whether O will sacrifice his legacy to bail out a couple of cracker grifters . Because whatever the FBI reports it is up to Lynch and the DOJ to indict and they will do as O instructs them . At the moment, O has the MSM in his pocket , but in a few years when “Obama and the Corrupt Bargain” hits the shelves … not so much . Let’s see how much O dislikes the Clintons and what price comes his legacy .

  2. As a poor, simple squaw she does not have an office that could demand that a highly connected government official face the penalty for felonious actions.

    No, it would have to be one of the white fathers in Washington to do that. Not a a poor, simple squaw gathering her crabs on the prarie.

  3. I had to read that tweet twice to get what she was trying to say.
    Why do we have to demand that a President believe no one is above the law? Ask them, and if they say anything less than YES, I BELIEVE NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW, don’t vote for them. Problem solved.

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