Well, *today* crashed and burned.

Can’t even put my finger on why. Well, actually, I can: the kids have less than a month left of school. They grow… restless.

And I guess I grow restless, too. The idea of not having to wake up at 6:30 AM every morning? Bliss. Almost as much as not having to give impromptu explanations of sixth-grade math because I went into English literature on the understanding that there was to be no math. And certainly no spreadsheets: so many, many spreadsheets. How did people survive, before them?


Found here. Short version: I used a spreadsheet to come up with a hard cap on how many statewide delegates Donald Trump could glean from West Virginia. ¬†…There was math. I was assured that there would be no math…

Moe Lane

PS: This should be good for background. Let me be honest, here: the way West Virginia assigns delegates¬†is kind of weird and messy. Everybody got caught out by it. Even Ted Cruz’s campaign didn’t manage to get it perfectly right.