New Sherlock Holmes 3 not-Ritchie director announced.

Two out of three is… apparently what we’re getting, here.

Rocketman” filmmaker Dexter Fletcher has come on board to direct the latest “Sherlock Holmes” film, with Robert Downey Jr. returning to star… Jude Law is also expected to return as Professor Watson.

(Via GeekTyrant)

The third being: no Guy Ritchie. I’m sorry, but I like Guy Ritchie films. Apparently I’m currently fairly alone in this, judging from the box office from the Man From UNCLE and King Arthur flicks; but those were fun, dammit. And so were the Sherlock Holmes flicks. I am not entirely sure that the next one will be as fun.

Moe Lane

PS: The reason why this movie hasn’t been made until now is because the last Sherlock Holmes movie was in 2011. Avengers came out in 2012, and then all of a sudden Robert Downey’s schedule was full, not to mention full of goram money. Whaddya gonna do?

3 thoughts on “New Sherlock Holmes 3 not-Ritchie director announced.”

  1. Unshackled from the Marvel machine and now rich beyond the needs of mortal man, RDJ chooses to… Have fun. Good for him.

  2. I think UNCLE suffered from prior-role-itis for its leads. Cavill is mostly known for Superman, and Hammer’s biggest role before was the Lone Ranger remake…
    Cavill’s turn in the latest MI flick improved my opinion of him, honestly.

  3. I thought of the movie “The Rocketeer”, and didn’t understand the objection.
    Then clicked the link and realized…

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