Quote of the Day, Yes, Indeed: Read @Badmachinery’s STEEPLE Webcomic edition.

John Allison, writer of the Steeple webcomic:

It’s my birthday today! I’ll be celebrating, as I always do, by having a glass of water. If you want to give me a present, please tell a friend about Steeple. Tell them it’s a reasonable read at a price that’s right. That ought to do it.

It is, in fact, both of these things. If he did commissions, John Allison would be on my ‘try to buy a book cover from’ list.

Question and Response of the Day, There Can Be Only One Final Shatner Quote edition.

James Lileks asks a reasonable question:

Shatner dying in space would be an utterly unique end to a career that no one could’ve predicted back in the late 60s… If I were Shatner, and I was toting up the odds, I’d think: what if? Could happen. Will there by time to say something? If so, what?

And then proceeds to come up with some answers. Alas, there’s no point. There is only one proper final Shatner in Space quote:

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Quote of the Day, …Me, Too, GeekTyrant. Me, Too edition.

Ain’t gonna lie, this was exactly my reaction.

William Shatner’s ‘90s cyberpunk sci-fi mystery novel series TekWar might be making a come back with a new animated series adaptation. The nine-novel series has already spawned a TV series, four TV movies, a comic book, and a video game, all of which were released in the ‘90s.

I honestly totally forgot that TekWar was even a thing until this news of an animated series popped up!

I like Bill Shatner, but… I truly remember very little of this.

Tweet of the Day, I Hope He At Least TRIES To Do This edition.

Not that it will happen. Then again, what’s the harm in applying for the relevant permits? The worst they can do is say no.

Tweet of the Day, ‘Crocodile Donnie?’ …I’ll Allow It edition.

Wrestle a gator into submission, get the nickname. Seems fair.

Moe Lane

Quote of the Day, Submitted Without Comment edition.

We have made men proud of most vices, but not of cowardice. Whenever we have almost succeeded in doing so, the Enemy permits a war or an earthquake or some other calamity, and at once courage becomes so obviously lovely and important even in human eyes that all our work is undone, and there is still at least one vice of which they feel genuine shame. – C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters.

Quote of the Day, What IS GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE A Sequel Of? edition.

This is an interesting thought.

…I say “proper sequel” loosely as Afterlife more closely resembles a big-screen version of the amazing The Real Ghostbusters animated series that ran from 1986-1991 than the 1984 classic starring Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver, Ernie Hudson, and the late Harold Ramis.

That’s not a bad thing.

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Quote of the Day, Hey, I’M Weird (https://www.patreon.com/MoeLane) edition.

This is correct, and I wish that Freddie hadn’t written it. It’s damn useful if it’s less well known. That is: damn useful, to me. The fewer people who know about the Hustle, the better.

And, no: I got two books out, and I ain’t making any money, either. Hence the need for the Hustle. I say that without heat.

(Via @EsotericCD)

Whatever you do, be weird. As a consumer of writing, please, for me, be weird. Whatever this profession needs, it does not need more hall monitors or commissars and it does not need more writers who seem to have nothing to offer beyond looking down their glasses at the world in shrill derision. That territory is covered. That corner has been taken. The whole point of writing, the only reason to have an alphabet, is to say what no one else is saying. To be singular. What is the value of replicating words that have already appeared in the same order? You can’t choose to be good and you can’t choose to be successful. But you can choose to be your own.

Quote of the Day, Zack Snyder Still Has A Few More Birds Left To Flip At Warner edition.

You would think this would eventually stop being funny:

“There is Zack Snyder’s Justice League ‘Justice is Gray’ edition, which is the black and white version, which I’m a huge advocate of and huge admirer of. For me, it’s my favorite version of the movie. I understand that people want to see it in color, and that’s great, and I really want them to enjoy it in color. But for me, the ultimate version is the black and white IMAX version of the movie, which is sort of the penultimate ridiculous movie that shouldn’t exist at its highest most fetishistic level, and I really, really love that. And of course, the black and white version of Justice League will be released on HBO Max, at some point after release, I believe, and you’ll be able to see that somehow on, I don’t know how you’re gonna get to it but that’s the plan.

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Quote of the Day, Do They Not Understand What ‘Unpopular’ Means? edition.

I think these two sentences are at least slightly contradictory.

A 2010 market research survey found that candy corn was in fact the least popular Halloween candy of all those polled. Despite being the consolation prize of confections, candy corn is a ubiquitous part of Halloween and continues to sell billions of kernels each year.

Somebody eats this stuff. Obviously, I’m not the only person in America who goes through a couple of bags of it every Halloween. Heck, I’m going to go grab a handful of candy corn right now.

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, something has to be the least popular, sure.