Quote of the Day, That’s An Amusing Weasel, Chris Pine edition.

When asked if there was going to be a second DUNGEONS & DRAGONS movie, Chris Pine replied:

“I’ve heard some rumors about it,” he tells us of a potential follow-up. “But I don’t know anything yet. But I feel pretty confident that it may happen.”

Bolding mine (and H/T: Coming Soon). I kind of suspect that he’s just saying that because the possibility of a second D&D movie is going to be completely dependent on whether Hasbro decides that they sold enough of the core game to justify it. I’m only bringing it up to get this on the record: if they do ever do a second film, for the love of God, people. Have the Forgotten Realms sourcebook ready to blipping go. I don’t even know why one isn’t out by now.


4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day, That’s An Amusing Weasel, Chris Pine edition.”

  1. Or, they COULD do a D&D film set in Greyhawk, with a bit more of an edge to it, like perhaps a film about a small group of adventurers defending a walled city from a siege by hordes of goblins and orcs, and the fight goes on until they’re trapped in a single building somewhere in the city center, and then, just as they are about to be overrun, the siege is broken by an army of angry dwarves. Think “The Magnificent Seven” meets the Battle of Helm’s Deep.

    Hey, If I’m not going to speak up for the stuff I want to see, who will?

  2. They’re still digging our from under the new game license fiasco. By watering down everything with trigger warnings. Is there a player base left to sell a movie to?

  3. I really wasn’t impressed with the movie.
    I mean, it was fine.
    It was just really hard to square the over the top gushing with what was actually in front of me.
    Are we really *that* desperate for entertainment that doesn’t piss all over the things we love?
    (Signs point to yes.)

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