Quote of the Day, It Can Spoil You For BEING An Author Too, Tom edition.

Although Tom Anderson already knows that. Dude’s in the same boat as me: writing books in a world where Terry Pratchett existed.

Mort is a great book for many reasons other than the intelligent way it writes about AH, and only as a secondary plot at that. It is a good illustration in how reading Terry Pratchett at a young age will spoil many other authors for one, for all the things one takes for granted as a result.

(I assume you have all already read Mort. If not… what a nice thing you have to look forward to!)


One thought on “Quote of the Day, It Can Spoil You For BEING An Author Too, Tom edition.”

  1. Mort was when I became a huge PTerry fan.

    It wasn’t my first exposure. My little podunk library out in the middle of nowhere had *The Colour of Magic* and *The Light Fantastic*, I’d read them and enjoyed them, but they hadn’t made a big enough impact on me to recognize his name when I got the monthly missive featuring it from The Fantasy and Science Fiction Bookclub. I forgot to send the postcard back, and…
    (Sadly, I lost that copy when my basement flooded a few years back.)

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