Book of the Week: Vampires: A Hunter’s Guide.

So, my wife and I went over to Games and Stuff‘s new store opening, partially because I wanted to talk to their staff about possibly doing a book signing, and partially because it was, you know. Games. And stuff. It’s a nice story, by the way. The used games section was one of those places where you either walk out at high speed with nothing in your hands; or slowly, and about a hundred bucks poorer. Twenty years ago, it would have been the latter*.

Anyway, I ran across Vampires: A Hunter’s Guide from Dark Osprey. It’s one of the ones I didn’t have, and now I do. Note that, cover to the contrary, it is not a World of Darkness product. It was merely accidentally put there, which had to have been the intent of the publisher. And, one must admit: it worked, didn’t it?

Moe Lane


*I’m not going to tell you what they have. I haven’t decided yet whether or not I’m going back.

Tweet of the Day, I Have Artistic Kids edition.

Which is utterly expected – graphic arts runs in my family, although it seems to have largely skipped me – but still pleasant to see.

Patreon stuff: New Bold Marauder installment, new Collection.

The new Bold Marauder installment is paywalled; the new Collection (War of the Mountain King, done back in the day) is not. Be sure to check them both out! the short story and new RPG material will show up at the end of the month, as usual.

Seven days left on the TALES OF THE FERMI RESOLUTION Vol 2 Kickstarter, complete with a sudden moral quandary!

One that has been resolved with the correct (i.e. difficult choice). The short version is I got a message from another Kickstarter project that looks legitimate (I think), suggesting a cross-promotional thing. The problem? Well, two: I’m not 100% certain it’s legit, and even it is there’s not really any overlap between that project and mine. There’s nothing wrong with the concept, but I wouldn’t back it if I saw it*, and I would feel really bad if it turned out to be hinky after all. Which I guess answers the question all on its own, hey? If I’m not gonna back it, I shouldn’t talk it up unless I’m excited about the project and I just can’t afford to support it any other way.

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The TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION Vol 2 Kickstarter enters its last week!

Sort of, at least. The way Kickstarter counts days, it’s sometimes hard to tell. Tomorrow it’s officially seven days, so… close enough? Anyway, TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION Vol 2 is very close to the ‘more sampler stories’ stretch goal! Tell your friends! Heck, tell your enemies if they’re good sports. And there’s still that elusive $6,000 stretch goal…

02/13/2024 Snippet, THE VISITOR FROM OUTSIDE.

Finally. A name!

At any rate, while we were waiting for the charge to go through, he actually asked me a question! “You’re that guy from the Feds, ain’t you?” (I’m not going to try to duplicate his accent, which was so thick it sounded like a joke.) “The one doing the survey?”

“Yes, I am!” I replied, putting on my I’m-from-the-government-but-we’re-all-better-now face. “I’ll be going through the area this week, looking for good sites for the Weaving hookups. Not on private property!” I hastened to add. “Not without permission, at least. We’ll be putting them up on public lands.”

“That’s good,” the owner told me. At first I had thought he was an older man, but as I got a closer look I realized that was mostly him prematurely graying. “That’s real good. Lots of stuff there, Outside. Good to get some of that on here. Whatcha looking for your, eh, sites? Maybe a few of us could set you right on where to put your towers up.”  He gave me a smile; God help me, but I expected him to be missing half his teeth. “You’ll find people around here’ll be right eager to help out.”

Well, that sounded unexpectedly promising. I’d been expecting to have to overcome resistance to the Reweaving process by the locals. “Mostly, I need to find suitable high ground. Nothing too elevated, but it’s got to be stable. Small hills are good, especially if they’re bare. The fewer trees we have to cut down, the better.”

He laughed at that, harder than I expected. “Bare hills? You’ve come to the right place, Mister Fed! We got plenty of those! And we’ve sussed out every one around here worth sussing, too.”


Getting a feel for the plot.

June 21st
No relevant dreams.

It was raining enough today that I decided to go into Dunwich proper. Partially it was practical; Aylesbury may be a more developed town, but Dunwich is almost at the center of the region I’m surveying. The models indicate that the town will become a much more important regional hub after we finally Weave this place into the 22nd Century, so part of my job is to assess its potential growth rate. Even after Reform, it doesn’t hurt DepCom to know just where the real estate prices are going to spike suddenly.

But if I’m being honest here (and obviously I have to be), I’d be checking out Dunwich even if I didn’t have to. Morbid curiosity kind of dictates it. The Miskatonic Free State held off the USNA for almost six months, back during the Consolidation Wars, after all. I think the blockbuster teract they made of the war a couple of years ago is why DepCom decided to accelerate plans to finally Reweave this whole area. I admit to wondering just how much of the show made up, myself.

Yeah. Pretty much all of it.

To start off with, there aren’t any of the iconic buildings from the show, like the General Church or Fort Whateley. There is a plaque at the barren square where the Church was, before the Army finally came in and burned it down, but it’s pre-Reform old regime agitprop. I didn’t see any sign of the Fort at all. I’d access whether they just made it up for the teract, except I, well, can’t. You don’t realize just how much you rely on information access until you don’t have any.

Book of the Week: The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare.

[Link fixed.]

Damien Lewis’s The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare: The Mavericks Who Plotted Hitler’s Downfall, Giving Birth to Modern-Day Black Ops! Soon to be a major motion picture! One unsullied by any attempt to Guy Ritchie to prioritize historical accuracy over gee-whiz (thank God)! Only four bucks on Kindle!