Ohhh, right. This is the ‘Everything Sucks’ section of the publishing process.

This is the fourth novel-length book I’ve published; you’d think I was used to the checklist by now. This is the part where everything is awful and nothing works right and what the Hell, Moe? I’m not sure if it’s a buildup of put-it-aside-for-now emotions from the process, the desire to get it over with, or just the inevitable reaction to the detail that I’ve spent more time the last month working on books instead of advertising them. It typically goes away when I finally publish the blessed thing.

Anyway, talking about it is therapeutic. If only because I stop feeling down, and start feeling annoyed. I don’t have time for this.

Tales From the Fermi Resolution: Vol. 1: Shadow of the Tower is on Kindle Super-Sale!

Tales From the Fermi Resolution: Vol. 1: Shadow of the Tower is only 99 cents for the next week! Set in the same world as FROZEN DREAMS and MORGAN BAROD, this sprawling anthology stretches over 900 years of future post-apocalyptic fantasy history! There are ten stories, including several never before published; and, for fans of FROZEN DREAMS, there’s a new novelette starring Tom Vargas. You won’t need it to appreciate the upcoming TINSEL RAIN, but it won’t hurt!


Up to Chapter 5 on TINSEL RAIN edits.

Things proceed. Which is good: Balticon isn’t exactly looming, but it’s coming up in a bit more than a week… huh. I really need to get that banner made up next week. And get one of those things to hang it from.

Do your surveys! Check out the TINSEL RAIN preorder store! Brush your teeth! — Oops, sorry, got that mixed up with the daily reminders to my kids.

Getting some work done on DUTIES.

While I’m waiting for edits for TINSEL RAIN, I’d thought I’d work on the upcoming chapbook DUTIES. It’s the usual four-story job, and features some of my earlier work. Which means the stories have to be gone over, fixed up, and fleshed out more. Back when I started, I was struggling sometimes to hit 3K words on one of these. Now 8K is a much more reasonable goal.

Up to Chapter 3 on the second set of TINSEL RAIN edits.

This should go faster; at this point, the idea is to look for sentences that can be simplified, and the occasional missed typo. I have a bad habit of over-using semicolons. Why, there’s even one in this paragraph!

…And now I want to remove it, even though doing so would thoroughly spoil the joke.

Tales From the Fermi Resolution: Vol. 1: Shadow of the Tower: on sale this weekend!

The Kindle’s only 99 cents, for a full book’s worth of post-apocalyptic fantasy! The promotion starts Friday, and goes on for a week.

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Tweet of the Day, I Am A Lifetime @HPLHS Member Myself edition.

I find membership congenial, and it does on occasion offer discounts on HPL Historical Society products. But I mostly like it for the sheer look of the thing. Besides: who knows? If the Great Old Ones ever do come back, perhaps membership will get me special consideration. Although I’m not whether that’ll mean just getting last, or first…