The Widdershins: Sea Change Kickstarter.

Latest chapter (“Sea Change”) of the Widdershins webcomic has completed, so Kate is starting up the Kickstarter to get it printed. I’m not saying I dropped everything to back it, but I did drop everything I was doing at that one moment in time. I shall miss this webcomic, once it completes (next chapter is supposed to be the last)…

Apparently today is Intellectual Property Rights Day here at…

…because this apparently just went down.

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Looking for future book fairs and conventions.

Starting in December – or, more likely, January 2023. Maryland for preference, although if I can get to somewhere in DC or Northern Virginia without putting my life in my hands that’s fine. I would actually prefer the smaller venues at this point, because they’re more likely to be reasonable on table fees. The last two biggish conventions I vended at… were not.

Suggestions welcome.


There will be one more ‘By Eric Flint’ 163X book.

Which is… well, ‘nice’ isn’t the right word. But at least it’ll be one last book of Eric’s.

September 2023
1638: The Siberian Enterprise by Eric Flint, Paula Goodlett & Gorg Huff—hardcover

There’s some more under-contract books that will be deemed ‘With Eric Flint,’ and anything more than that will depend on getting permission from Eric Flint’s widow and heir Lucille Robbins. It sounds like they do want to keep the series running, at least for a while. Hopefully there won’t be too much disruption of the existing Ring of Fire community. Hopefully.