Wow. It’s almost May. Plans continue…

A bunch of things happening in May. Mostly they involve the next novel, but there’s going to be an announcement next week about a quick project that I’m doing while other stuff is going on. I still think I can get both MORGAN BAROD and TINSEL RAIN out this year with generated income, but everything past that is going to probably require funding. There’s nothing like self-publishing to make you appreciate the value of cash reserves, let me tell you…


The end-of-April Patreon posts are up!

This month we have:

  • THE ELMERITE ORDER, PART 8 AND LAST: A new campaign world starts next month. Haven’t decided what it’s going to be, yet. Anyway, this month is the last installment, discussing campaigns in this Mage-but-the-Technocracy’s-not-horrible-esque campaign world.
  • PICKMAN’S MODEL: My shameless companion piece to the original! Edited, expanded, and improved for… something. Something to be discussed soon. Keep watching the skies!