Tweet of the Day, This Is Why I Am Absolutely Keeping AI Art From My Book Covers edition.

Apparently, this is what you get when the freaking Mouse is paying the invoice. Look, I get that a lot of creative types don’t have any money. Shoot, I have far less than I like, myself. So I don’t want to judge too harshly. Just… try not to be standing underneath when this fad collapses under its own weight, okay?

Via @Strangeland_Elf.

Tweet of the Day, I’m Doing A Twitter Poll On AI Art edition.

Let me establish, though: I hate the idea of using AI art for book covers and tabletop RPG illustrations. I’ve already checked with the artists on my current projects, and they don’t like using AI art, either. So this isn’t some kind of fig leaf, or anything. I don’t jump off a cliff just because everybody else is doing it, either*.

I am curious as to just how much people really care about this issue, though. I may be having an intemperate response. Hence, the poll.

*I believe that I have demonstrated this on occasion.

So, Stable Diffusion is screwed.

I assumed that it’d be Disney that would have struck the first blow, but then: Disney doesn’t watermark everything.

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