Tweet of the Day, …Mood edition.

Via @CalebHowe. Mind you, the humpback whale didn’t actually eat them. This happened a few years ago; they’re fine. It’s still my mood this morning.

Buy my books! Although it may be my kids’ books, some day.

The eldest is starting to get into writing, which is way cool. The youngest is likewise firmly on the graphic artist track, which is just as way cool — and not particularly surprising, honestly. We were an artistic family, growing up: painting, drawing, dancing, writing, textile arts, and my dad was the cook. And since my wife’s a polymath, the odds were good the relevant genes would get passed on. Here’s hoping my kids surpass me.

But I wouldn’t mind if they had to work at it a little, so: buy my books!

The NIGHT TEETH Netflix trailer.

A day may come when stylishly absurd movies like NIGHT TEETH will no longer appeal to the adolescent still living within me. A day when I cannot ignore the logical flaws and contrived plots. A day when I say, Really: this makes absolutely no sense, so I shall not watch it.

But it is not this day.

And I’ll probably still be down for this on October 20th. Halloween season, folks!

Deepfakes get amazing and terrifying.

How much so? Take a look.

Now take another one.

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Tweet of the Day, There’s A Proper Grasp Of Science… edition.

There’s a proper grasp of science, there’s my grasp of science, and then there’s Hollywood’s. This makes me feel so much better about the outrages I’m doing right now to the laws of physics in my latest SF-horror story…