Snippet the Last, THE GOLEM JOB.

I’ll be cleaning it up tomorrow, but it’s done. Note, by the way: this was written to be broken up for various sections of a RPG supplement, so it’s more a set of vignettes than anything else. I will probably expand it more if and when I get around to volume 2 of TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION. Which, yes, is an agenda item.


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In the Mail: the proof copy of GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND.

Behold! It’s real.

It also has a couple of layout issues that need to be addressed in the next day or two, so it’s a good thing I ordered a proof copy. Mostly it’s the question of whether I really need a table of contents for a print copy. The answer is probably no, or possibly “name the actual chapters in the TOC.” We shall see.



Tweet of the Day, TANSTAAFL edition.

Cash on the damned barrelhead.

How odd. The site telling you if your books were ripped off by Meta AI trainer no longer functions.

It was working fine this morning, and now it’s not. It’s not that Battle Swarm‘s link is bad, either. I had gone earlier to see if my books were in there*, and the link worked then. How… curious.

*They were not. I have a complicated reaction to that. My books are easily good enough to be stolen, after all.