Tweet of the Day, Well, When You Put It THAT Way… edition.

I’m getting my second shot in a couple of days even without participating in the Greater Hershey Stupidity Tax*, but what the hell. I don’t particularly need the million bucks anyway.

Moe Lane

*One of the most entertaining things about writing things set in Greater Hershey is that their leadership sees no reason to be inaccurate in their nomenclature.

So, what’s the best e-commerce credit card reader for your phone?

It looks like I’m maybe vending at Galactic Con after all, so I need a card reader (unless I was planning to do it all cash, which I am not). I also need a banner and some actual books to sell, but that’s easy enough to arrange. Do I want the Square, the Paypal, or something else?

Moe Lane

First stretch goal announced for the Kickstarter!

We’ve definitely funded for the original art, because I have awesome fans, but there’s a couple of stretch goals in place for the “A proper picture for my ‘Pickman’s Model!'” Kickstarter. Here’s the first one:

$600: Art for DECISIONS. DECISIONS will be my next chapbook, and it’s a mixed bag. Some horror, some fantasy, something that should be horror but isn’t – I really like some of the stories in here, and I’m looking forward to having more people read them. If we get to this stretch goal, I can get Ben to make art for them right away!  All backers at the $10 level will get a digital copy of DECISIONS (.mobi, .pdf, and .epub), in addition to existing goals.

I’m going to Galactic Con!

Like, in person and everything. It’s officially the “HOWARD COUNTY COMIC CON,” at the county fairgrounds on June 12th. That’s past my two-week point for the second shot, so off I go.

And will I be vending there? …I dunno. There was an opportunity to sign up, but I found out about it after the deadline. I filled it out anyway, and… we’ll see. If I don’t hear from them in a week I’m going to assume I was too late and I’ll just go and look at what’s there to buy.

My “A Proper Picture for my ‘Pickman’s Model'” Kickstarter is live!

Rejoice! And note that the A Proper Picture for my ‘Pickman’s Model’ Kickstarter is, as of the moment, strictly digital-only. Costs skyrocket when printing this stuff comes into play; besides, this is a short story we’re talking about. If we hit both planned stretch goals I may add print tiers, but no guarantees.

Hope to see you soon!