Tweet of the Day, This Is Expected And Good edition.

It, as the article noted, going to be a problem for Hollywood. I know, I know: you’re all just crying over that…

Via @Strangeland_Elf.

Tweet of the Day, Ha-ha… :Checks Steam Library: …Cr*p. edition.

This suddenly became a different brand of funny, once I realized that the snide comment would fairly apply to me.

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Tweet of the Day, This Amuses Me edition.

Which is I guess the point.

Moe Lane

PS: Who wins? Depends on who takes training more seriously. Honestly, Zuckerberg has more to prove, so if he can monomaniacally focus on his workout and sparring it could be Thunderdome in Rome. …Heh. I like that one.

Tweet of the Day, On The Internet, EVERYBODY Knows You’re A Dog edition.

There is no such thing as ‘anonymous on the Internet.’ There is only ‘hasn’t pissed off the right person yet.’

Tweet of the Day, This Is Today’s Reference For ‘Kafkaesque’ edition.

Prepare to be confused. I am confident in saying this, seeing as everybody else was. You keep waiting for him to say something obnoxious, offensive, or even objectively false…

Tweets of the Day, Canada Clearly Wants More Tobacco Tax Revenue edition.

It’s the last one in particular that’s insane to use. Do none of those people have teenagers?