The Demented Christmas Special second HAWKEYE Disney+ trailer.

I’m not gonna lie: this is growing on me. Actually, I was already gonna see HAWKEYE. But I’m grooving to this vibe:

Barton is fairly clearly feeling far too old for this sh*t, and Bishop isn’t quite able to cash the checks that her ego is writing; or, at least, not yet. I can sustain interest in the ensuing wacky hijinks for six episodes, methinks.

The “Because we could” Marvel’s HIT-MONKEY series trailer.

It’s not that Marvel is drunk on its power, exactly. Why, that would imply that there is an alternative state of consciousness for the company. Seriously, when it comes to new programming Marvel’s pitch team has been continuously ripped to the gills for the last decade and a half, and here’s the latest bit of evidence for that:

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The Demented HAWKEYE Christmas Disney+ trailer.

My attention… has been acquired.

GeekTyrant detected a Die Hard vibe: I can see that, but there’s also a Lethal Weapon theme going on here, because Hawkeye is visibly deciding that he’s getting Too Old For This Sh*t. I also give points for there being a Broadway musical about Captain America in the MCU, because of course there would be one. They missed a bet there, though, in not getting Chris Evans to play the actor playing Cap in the musical. Farce is its own justification.

Moe Lane

PS: Kate Bishop apparently isn’t coming into this already being perfect in every way, which is nice. “Cocky 22 year old hotshot who still needs seasoning” is a perfectly cromulent archetype for a superheroine.

I did catch the leaked SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME trailer…

…before they yoinked that sucker. It definitely looks real, if extremely unfinished*. Dr. Strange, Peter Parker being upset about how everybody knows who he is now, the two collide — the dialogue is not from previous movies, and neither were the scenes that I saw. My children have already shown an interest in a Spider-Man marathon this week; which is good, because we were going to have one anyway…

*Which may be why they haven’t released a trailer yet. The CGI didn’t look finished. Mind you, the video quality was uber-crappy.

Lead writer for Disney+’s MARVEL: ARMOR WARS chosen.

Buried lede: they’re doing ARMOR WARS for the MCU. Well, buried for me:

The “Armor Wars” series at Disney Plus has tapped Yassir Lester to serve as head writer, Variety has confirmed with sources.

Don Cheadle will star in the series, reprising the role of James “Rhodey” Rhodes, a.k.a. War Machine. The series is based on the Marvel Comics series of the same name. In the series, Rhodes must face what happens when Tony Stark’s tech falls into the wrong hands.

Personally, I’m in favor of giving Don Cheadle enough walking-around money to let him do whatever projects later he feels like doing, and goodness knows pretending to look at HUDs is easy work. But: wow, it really is true that every problem in the MCU is eventually Tony Stark’s fault, huh? Oh, well, as long as there’s lot of battlesuit combat.

Scarlet Johansson is gonna sue the shorts off of of Disney…

…and I’m not finding it hard to pick a side at all. I mean, the Mouse is never gonna offer me a book contract: but it still behooves me to be against companies casually breaching them*. And, amusingly, Johansson has a net worth of over 100 million — she’s apparently been involved in at least one blockbuster movie series — so Disney’s usual tactic of overlawyering her just ain’t gonna fly. This should be real interesting, and I wonder whether they’re going to try to settle fast.

I wouldn’t… because I wouldn’t have gotten into this mess in the first place. Jesus, just pay people. It’s not a hard strategy to comprehend.

Moe Lane

*As somebody put it: I don’t care if Johansson wins, but I do need for Disney to lose.

MCU’s BLADE gets a director.

As is traditional, we will all now go “Who?”

Marvel Studios’ upcoming vampire movie Blade has taken a big step forward with the hiring of a director. The filmmaker that has been hired for the job is Bassam Tariq, who best known for directing the Riz Ahmed film Mogul Mowgli.

I’ve looked up the film, and it’s a 2020 drama that critics loved and nobody saw. Marvel Studios loves finding directors like that, frankly. All you have to do is give ’em creative control and a ton of money, and they’ll make you some blockbusters… okay, now that I’ve written that out it actually sounds like a pretty good deal for everybody involved. I mean, there are worse things out there for one’s future career prospects than having people go Oh, you did SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING? That was a good flick.

So let’s see how the new BLADE goes.