The “…At Least It’s Sony?” MADAME WEB trailer.

On the one hand, Sony has a vested interest in making sure MADAME WEB doesn’t suck. On the other hand, you could have said the same thing about MORBIUS. And on the gripping hand: is the era of the superhero movie over, anyway? – Because if it is, it’s all gonna crash in slow-motion and that’s going to be fascinating to watch.


2 thoughts on “The “…At Least It’s Sony?” MADAME WEB trailer.”

  1. Maybe it’s because Marvels is so fresh but it looks like girlbosses vs evil spiderman. I don’t know the original character so maybe that’s the actual story, but I don’t have interest in it.

  2. The current age of superhero movies is about done.

    I predict a spurt of off-brand mostly-derivative films similar to the classics Ice Pirates and Cherry 2000 …


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