Sony to Netflix to… Mouse.

Ha! Was able to match the original scansion. Anyway: “Disney has set a massive movie licensing pact with Sony Pictures for the U.S. that promises to bring Spider-Man and other Marvel properties to Disney Plus starting with Sony’s 2022 release slate… The agreement comes on the heels of Sony’s output deal with Netflix for titles in the lucrative post-theatrical release Pay 1 window.”

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Moe Lane

PS: Alternatively, the Mad Gene Media studio just used the Rage Against The Machine song without permission. One wonders what RATM plans to do about it, though. I mean: isn’t property supposed to be theft, or something?


I think THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER is going to be one of those shows which will have a complicated relationship with comic fans. A lot of people are going to hate it, and a bunch of people will loudly support it, and for the same reason: the show is doing the usual deep dive of the Marvel back issues, only this time they’re mining a different part of the back issues. I legitimately don’t want to spoil it, because (believe it, or not) I respect the right of people who I don’t particularly like to also have their fanservice in peace and quiet. I was able to watch all my stuff in quiet enjoyment, so they should get the same courtesy. Fair’s fair.

Besides, the show is interesting, once you kick all the ideology out of the way. It’s quirky: and I think this is going to be how the Marvel Disney+ shows are going to roll, generally. Which works for me.

Where will BLACK WIDOW drop?

That is the question. The current answer? Reply hazy, ask again later. Disney wants to drop BLACK WIDOW in theaters, but that only works if there are theaters to drop the movie into, and people willing to go to them. I’m willing to go to them – I saw TENET in IMAX, as God and Christopher Nolan intended me to – but I’m weird. Also, honestly: I’m not yet vaccinated. They may be limiting movie admissions to people who have been*.

But if it drops in theaters, that would be spiff. I like MCU films in theaters. They’re big and loud and fun. And I miss that.

Moe Lane

*I have some hopes that I will get the shots before May.


I am legit looking forward to THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER. I’m kind of grooving to the fact that they don’t much like each other, but they know that Cap was best friends to both of them so they have this weird obligation to get along. I kind of hope that they end the run acting… pretty much the same way towards each other. Guess we’ll see!

My thoughts on WandaVision.

I enjoyed it. Quite a lot, actually. Avengers: Age of Ultron gets sneered at, quite a bit – a bit too much, in my opinion – but it set up this series nicely. WandaVision actually mined quite a few of the mid- and bottom- tier MCU flicks for characters and concepts, usually to the show’s benefit. There was some good dialogue written for this show. Also: there was one particular scene that made me almost yell “BEEP BEEP, MOTHERF*CKER” at the screen, so there’s that, too.

Bottom line is: I didn’t waste my time watching WandaVision. I had a good time. Just bear in mind that I watched all the movies. I don’t know how comprehensible it was to people who didn’t, although my wife’s liking the show, too.