So, I watched the first episode of MS. MARVEL.

Actually, I liked it. MS. MARVEL is very fannish, which will not appeal to some; and some of the superheroine’s devotees are rather intense about their fandom*. But this show itself was fun. They’re going with ‘magical artifact’ rather than ‘mutating gas’ for the power origin, because… I dunno. Because cramming mutants into the MCU, however hand-waved, is gonna be hard at this point, I guess.

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The ‘So, how did you solve the Uncanny Valley problem?’ live-action PINOCCHIO trailer.

It’s fascinating. I’m not entirely certain they showed Pinocchio moving at any point during this trailer. Maybe he’s in that crowd of kids about to go down the down-plank. Maybe.

Gotta wonder why there’s no scenes of the golem carved to resemble a human boy moving around the town – no, wait, I know why. It’s because they made that movie already, and it was called EDWARD SCISSORHANDS. …And no, I don’t know why this particular live-action adaptation is making me salty. It’s just a movie, right?

Moe Lane


The ANDOR teaser trailer.

Ain’t gonna lie: ROGUE ONE is my favorite movie of the new bunch of Star Wars movies. Which is not a hard bar to clear, but I thought it was legitimately good. And surprisingly resistant to being Disneyfied*. I’m inclined to see what ANDOR does with itself.

*There’s just something entertaining about the way that the production crew expected the Mouse to come in and point out the logical implications of the plot, and its rather dramatic effect on possible sequels. But the Mouse never did. One must treasure these brief, shining moments of artistic integrity, in an uncaring world.


Finished up MOON KNIGHT.

Good show. Good show. The final episode had to tie up a bunch of stuff together, and – pious protestations by the MOON KNIGHT folks aside – they absolutely laid the bricks for a second season. I didn’t read the comics, but the people who did all seem pretty jazzed at how much stuff from them were in the series.

Is MOON KNIGHT the best of the Marvel Disney+ series? Tough call: LOKI in particular still gives it a run for its money. But those two were the only shows that I made to sure to watch on the day of release. That’s probably diagnostic.

Tweet of the Day, Pay Your Creators (Even If You’re Disney) edition.

I diffidently suggest that this decade may end up being not the best time in American history for the Disney Corporation to engage in legally dubious activities that do not reflect well on them.

5/6 of MOON KNIGHT done…

…and it’s very possibly the best Marvel series Disney+ has done to date. MOON KNIGHT started messed up, and it’s kept it up since then; and, given how Hollywood* the hero’s mental illness is, it’s doing a pretty good job giving you the feeling of what kind of trauma’s he’s going through. It could still blow up the ending, but we’ll know next week.

This would have been an absolutely awful movie, by the way. There’s no way you could do this in two hours without it being far too rushed. But as a six-part miniseries MOON KNIGHT works.

*Which is to say: gratuitously and cinematically incorrect.