The MARVEL: SECRET INVASION Disney+ trailer.

I’m down. I suspect that there are going to be good Skrulls, and bad Skrulls, and the aforementioned Secret Invasion will feature the latter. …Works for me. And I do love me some cinematic paranoia. CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER‘s only real flaw was that it wasn’t an entire movie of Cap and Nat on the run… but I guess enough people wouldn’t have watched that, alas.


Lemme suggest ANOTHER reason why Emilia Clarke’s might want to be in SECRET INVASION.

Oh, she’s saying something deep…

…but I’m gonna say that the actual answer is MONEY. And there ain’t nothing wrong with that! MONEY’s what makes the world go round, after all. The Mouse has deep pockets, Ms. Clarke. Hold out for all that the traffic will bear.

Moe Lane

PS: I liked SOLO, by the way.